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ohjamie Nov 2014
So young, so light,
so free of fright.
Not very shy
to be alive.

We all have our vices
all kept in vain.
We keep them intact
to take away pain.

But darling...

Dig a little deeper,
what's really going on?
Are these really friends you're with
at the crack of dawn?

Short-lived stories,
a series of sin,
heavenly fantasies
enraged from within.

Sniff harder, drink more;
distractions galore.
But don't cry when
they're not here anymore.

To use, be used;
what hope you seek...
Youthful, confused
what fine defeat.

It hurts, it burns...
Like ice, it numbs.

What else can youth bring
than fear of what you've become?
Written after a second wave of panic attack
ohjamie Oct 2014
baby, it’s
hard to forget
the look on your face
when you leaned in for that
first kiss because it was the last thing
I was expecting. We were not romantic,
and I had such a naive heart. I kissed
back because your hands told me
that you were untouchable.
That was when I learned
that my heart enjoyed
being just as cold
as yours.

given the chance, I would have fallen in love with you
ohjamie Oct 2014
And everyday you tell yourself: "I feel great," because this makes you feel whole. People see and believe that you're doing fine--great, even.

But then at night, as you drive yourself home, brush your teeth, and lie in bed... alone...

You yearn for someone beside you. Your independence is a mask because as much as you long for someone, it's been a series of uninteresting people, misguided decisions, and hurtful misconnections.

But it's okay. You breathe in... breathe out... fall asleep... You'll wake up in the morning, everything is okay, and you tell yourself: "I feel great."
ohjamie Sep 2014
Talked til 6am--
thought it meant something, but I
am nothing to you.
Encountering Temporaries:
ohjamie Sep 2014
Australian accent;
professional boxer. Spoke
well between my legs.
Encountering Temporaries:
ohjamie Sep 2014
Oh my stars, I liked
you a lot, but we were nothing
more than objects.
Encountering Temporaries:
ohjamie Sep 2014
Desks and chairs and messy hair
Student rankings, must compare.
Always having something due--
Wake up at eight, slept at two.

Coffee, Red Bull, I need more
To push through my every chore.
My health and sanity is growing ill,
But all I need is an Adderall pill.

"It will be worth it in the end," I'm told,
But this college thing is getting old.
Always working and losing sleep
Because I have straight As to keep.

"Amazing essay," "Good job!" they say,
But they don't know of the price I pay.
They never listen to what I need or want
Unless it's in Times New Roman, 12 pt font.
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