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Amy Jan 2016
I give so much that most times I don't even have enough left for myself.
Amy Dec 2015
I was pouring my heart out and all you could say was "Ok."
Amy May 2015
Maybe I'm just over emotional
Or blowing things out of proportion.

Maybe I'm just in denial
Unwilling to face the facts.

Maybe I just care to much
Blinded by the love I feel.

Maybe I'm wrong
For feeling the way I do.

But, Maybe I'm Right.
Amy May 2015
You have been, and will always be, good enough.
Amy May 2015
It wasn't until I was 20,
feeling down and out,
that I realized something important.

Self Worth Matters.

I had spent so many days
drawing my worth from others
wasting my time for 20 years.

Life does not offer a guarantee
that everyone we encounter will stay.
The only one we live with forever,
is ourselves.

I realize now that I shouldn't have spent all that time
all of those years
putting my happiness into other people's pockets.
Happiness comes from within, not without.
Never forget it.
Amy Mar 2015
I'd pour my soul out
in this poem,
but it's already gone.
I gave it to you.
Amy Mar 2015
I'm always hopeful.
I think, Maybe today will finally be the day.
Maybe you'll call,
Tell me you miss me,
Tell me that you've changed your mind.

With each passing hour,
That hope slips away.
Oh well,

There's always tomorrow.
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