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curt Aug 2019
i've found my place
i've stopped the chase
to find my one true passion

to teach and to learn
vicariously earned
my words now have meaning in turn

lovelessly ominous
with my own fear of loneliness
now filled with the laughter of the previously unheard

become content with myself
i don't need just one help
where I was once was lost I've now found that

if there's one thing i've learnt
through my journey of growth
it's how to fill silence with friends and unknowns

for now though

by occupying my time
my eyes will keep dry
cause a busy day, keeps the emotions astray
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
You told me not to be “sensitive” 
So here I am trying to deflect,
but I end up absorbing the pain of your words,
the intricacies of this world,
pretending not to care about what is said 
and has happened.

I hold the tears in,
place a mask on my face,
and a lock on my lips
so that none would spill.

But now I feel numb
unaware of how I feel
and unable to cry.

Now, here you are
calling me emotionless.

I guess there was no in between;
either a heart of ocean
or a heart of stone.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2019
If someone asks
Why don't you write,
Those days?

I can't
Just reply
Genre: Experimental
Author's Note:When he/she asked for a paper
To write a next chapter
Someone gave him/her a filled page
Now tell me
Where and how can he/she write?
Carlos Iglesias Jun 2019
The pressure cooker blew up.
Grease and fire spread throughout the kitchen and house
I just stand there, not afraid
No feeling-just emptiness
Alive im told -such a surprise
I should be thankful that I didn’t die
What if I did it
Luna Jul 2019
How is it
that I feel so
and yet
nothing at
my life is an oxymoron
Kayla May 2019
Pieced together.
Taped and glued.
David J May 2019
Its just suprising
How quickly the world can change
From colorfull... to gray
"Back so soon?" my heart says to istself, "yeah, i guess i'm back." I reply "but, it was kinda nice..."
I will return to that emotionless state, but this year... it wasnt so bad, i got hurt but perhaps the high was worth the pain...
a M b 3 R Feb 2019
tears     just won’t fall
or— I will
be the one fAlliNg aPArT
Jey Jan 2019
Love is never what you wanted.
I hope you got what you wanted from me.

You took everything I had left of me.
There's nothing left of me.

Having nothing left to lose.
I'm so far gone.

There's nothing left for me to do
I only want you, only you.

What do you need to prove?
So irrelvent its old news.

Old memories that once meant something to me.
You didn't need to do me like that.

Feeling ashamed for wanting you back.
Missing the way you act.

When I told you I loved you,
It was a fact.

It's not romance I lack.
Leaving me asking where were you at?

Replaying the last words you said to me.
Thinking of messaging you.
I just can't picture you replying to me.

Missing you lying with me.
Never needed you lying to me.
About a girl that i once knew!
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