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Annie Cynthia Dec 2019
I feel nothing,
I am made of rubber and spice.
I sway meaningless to meaningful songs,
laugh without a sparkle in my eyes.

I feel nothing,
I talk and laugh all day,
I sit and stare at night.
I am this loud silence deafening the earth.

I feel nothing,
Violins playing in cemeteries,
skeletons dancing to merry tones.
I look at them with dead eyes.

I feel nothing,
I am numb.
I am the sun and the moon.
The dark and the light.

I feel nothing,
I am not present here.
I am a forgotten corpse,
mistakenly breathing and emptily alive.
Annie Cynthia Mar 2018
The world isn't there anymore
It's just the ruins of my innocence
Shattered by your gun of torture

Tell me, why all this would happen?
In just a moment,
My heart beats so fast and my stomach hurts

When will this world come to an end?
When will you stop taunting me with your smile?
When will I die with you in me?
Annie Cynthia Nov 2017
What hath we done?
What time do we live in?
Feeding off horrors and faking laughters

We stead on the land, the land of the dead
The land enriched with their moisture, we harvest our food

We nurture our little ones with apples,
The apple tree grown from the little boy shot in the war

The final will of inheritance brings smile to our hearts
Still, we cry at the old man's funeral

What hath we done to live in this world?
What time do we live in?

This world, a burial ground.
Annie Cynthia Sep 2017
The stones come up as water fills
As time passes,
you fill my mind more often

It doesn't make sense, does it?
Thinking of you, savoring the little moments we had
Everything is a lie, a dream, a memory etched forever in me

Where will I run away from you?
There is nothing stopping me from forgetting you
Then, what is it?

Is it because you're an angel I've never seen before?
A beautiful man, so perfect, so full, and so far
The picture from God's hands, painted to perfection

A little music plays, the screen rolls down and we dance
In my mind,
I conduct a play for Us

We dance on the moon, among the trees, in the pool
We marry,
and still dance in the terrace of the honeymoon villa  

Then I smile, and open my eyes
Now don't embrace yourself
I can close my eyes anytime, to restart our play...
Annie Cynthia Sep 2017
With one kiss from you, you burn me red
Chase away the darkness and lit up my bed

You awaken the shrunken heads, the waters of the night you feed
The magic lantern you are, the **** dances’ lead

You have played your part and now it’s time
For your white queen to arrive, at the midnight chime
Annie Cynthia Sep 2017
He was so stubborn like the thorns of the cactus.
She was stubborn too,
To soften his thorns.
Annie Cynthia Sep 2017
Somewhere you are
Watching me live

But little do you know
Only through you I thrive..

The world is not enough
To compare my love for you

But hey, you aren't gone nowhere
For to be me, is to be you...

Ma ❤️
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