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122    Useless degree.. how long before you end up in porn sensual Jane?


falling  Dec 2014
falling Dec 2014
auburn days roll by
like the end of a lit
cigarette, with a
puff of smoke
and emotionless
lipstick stains.
seasons pass
like the whiskey
bottle is drained
to an end to
drown those
lipstick stains.
tears tick by
like the bottle
of pills that
cover the crisp
bathroom floor
escaping the pain
of emotionless
lipstick stains.
life comes to a halt
like the budding
drops of crimson
blood that paint
my favorite
bracelet running
away from the
lipstick stains.
naz  Sep 2013
naz Sep 2013
there was something about you,
that made me feel so alone,
something that made me think
i was nothing without you.

whenever i looked at you,
i couldn't help but realise,
how emotionless you were,
i craved knowing how you felt
and if you ever looked at me,
to come across my emotionless face.

i'm sorry i couldn't gather my nervous,
i couldn't ever face you and speak up,
i'm sorry i looked down whenever
you walked by.

i'm sorry i couldn't be noticeable,
but a person like you should know:
you looked breathtaking even if
you were*  emotionless....

Erica Girone Nov 2018
When we touch
Not a single feeling
Not even lust

When we speak
Nothing between us
That’s worth to keep

For the very first time
Empty, Deadweight
As you kiss inbetween my thighs

But I wish I loved you
Unfortunately though darling
That won’t ever be true