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Quick to anger, quicker to hate
Leaves nothing up to fate
Fate fails time and again
So destiny did he take into his own hand
Never again will love be lost
Never again shall his heart be covered with frost
Running around for eons, not having a home
Finally a place to settle, a love to call his own
Kaos knew no love for so long
He knew that is must've been wrong
To not have someone by his side, bringing order to all he has wrought
He lives now, still, and cannot be bought
Kaos the Wolf, he is known to almost none
But The God of Chaos he is, as Odin named him so
Kaos remembers all, yet cannot say 'no'
When the Allfather beckons and calls
Kaos knows he must listen, lest he causes his own fall
Chaos must be caused there is no other to do it
So Kaos raises his head and howls out remembering every bit
To his love, his mate, Kaos looks, tears in his eyes
Waiting for her to beckon and tell him they'll never say their goodbyes
All is well as she pats his head
"Silly wolf, I'll never leave your side," she said.
Hot and Cold
Light and Dark
Love and Hate
All are two sides of the same coin
Flip the coin to decide fate and the sky will weep with the tears of the Gods fears
That when the coin lands the world will fall as the hearts of men become corrupt
The coin lands and seals a mans' fate
The hot light of love, or the cold darkness of hate
Little does man know, you cannot have one half of the coin without the other
That is why the Gods cry for every man swallowed by the dark side of the coin
Valhalla is not only where warriors reside
Valhalla is also for those who commit suicide
All struggles are seen all sacrifices excepted
The Valkyrie watch over all battles internal and external and make sure none are rejected
In the great halls songs are sung
The great bells are rung
Wolves and foxes and gods and elves, all are welcome there
For Valhalla welcomes all and there is no ill will to bare
Valhalla is calling
Darkness is falling
The burning desire to protect you
The fire inside driving me towards you
This power you've given me is known by few
This love you have for me; to me is so new
You hold the key to my heart, my fire, my power, my balance
Simple words on paper do not do you justice
However, I must make these simple insignificant words suffice
So that my love for you may be known to its full extent
I must make you more than just content!
Thinking of you makes my head spin
Talking to you and hearing your voice makes me smile and my heart skip
Just being around you makes the darkness fade
To feel your touch, makes all pain fade away
Your scent clears my mind of all doubts and regrets
Your taste brings more joy than any has ever before known
Feeling your love, makes me finally feel at home
Just picturing your smile in my head helps to make me calm
If ever I were to lose you, all point would be gone
Every time I think of you, I love you more
No matter what may happen, my heart and soul belong to you forevermore
Staring off in the distance thinking about everything and nothing at the same time
Starting to hear a chime
Out of mind and body, not feeling godly
Look at the clock, it's been a minute but it feels like an hour,
What is this power,
I feel like I'm nowhere,
But I'm right here,
And I'm shedding a tear
A pause in the rain,
Caused by internal pain
It's been an hour, but feels like a second
Reality crashes down bringing a frown
Then shuffling around,
Looking like a beaten hound
Inside of a pound
But look close, it only shows in the eyes, in the the depth of the pupils , a wolf cries.
Hours later I open my eyes
It's the same dark shed again and I can't stand it!
I burst out the door hoping the monsters are dead,
I find out it's all in my head
Fall to my knees and cry,
I have no idea why,
But I feel like I'm about to die
For a moment or two, and then it's through
Or so I tell myself, but it ain't true
And I have no idea what I'm tryin' to prove
As I force myself to move
But I stand on up and give a thumbs up
Even though I feel my knees start to buckle,
I just give a little chuckle
And I say, "I'll be fine."
Then I cry, alone starting to feel like stone again
I just want to feel at home again
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