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I S A A C Sep 2022
haunted by your presence
your imprint in my powder
stamped on my heart forever
everything reminds me of you
I wish you didn’t matter
can’t even see pictures of me
without relating them to how you used to be
changed the way i see
pivotal in my evolution, delusional since rejection
been off the market, been on the grind
been second guessing
my part in the tragic fall, maybe i am not such a victim after all
maybe i am not so young and dumb after all
maybe i am better off
Maddy Kay Aug 2018
It's almost been one year since we began talking,
Since we said, "Hello" for the very first time;
And that is okay because we went out and we had a good thing going,
But on December 6th,
we were split up;

We didn't talk for months on end,
No, not until April 20th;
When you finally realized that I was not going anywhere,
And we both realized that we could no longer go on fighting;

Even after we started talking,
I disappeared for a week,
scaring everyone;
When I got back,
the first thing I did was come looking for you
to apologize for everything that happened;

I put the blame on you,
and we didn't really talk again until July 28th;
When I put something about abortion on my Instagram story,
and I tagged you in it;

You were confused on why I did that,
I was freaking out about your reaction;
Once I explained what it was about,
We then had a four-hour conversation;

It started at 10 pm and ended at 2 am,
The longest we ever talked since December 6th;
And from that moment on,
We became better friends;

A friendship that once was something more,
Something that turned out not to be quite right;
Something that turned out not to work out,
Turned out that we just needed to work things out;

Two people who tried to be something great,
Wanted something different;
Would finally realize later on,
That it would be better if they were
new and improved;
if you can't tell from what this poem is about, it is about my ex and I finally became friends after realizing that they were never meant to be in love with each other.
LERCH Jun 2018
Time apart
Makes time together
Even better.

But if i never see ya,
Even better.
India Hares Jul 2017

My shoelaces need to be tied
But I’m stuck still in love
I’m trying to kiss my goodbyes
But darling it’s tough

My eyes don’t really see anymore
his eyes are stuck in my sight
No... I know I need to shut that door
For it keeps me awake at night

My shoelaces need to be tied
Maybe then I can move on
Maybe then I can move to a new sky
Instead of repeating the same ******* song

Falling out of love is a hard thing to do
So give me some clues
Now you know why I can’t tie my shoes
MG Nov 2016
For the first time in my adult life I am free from you.
But what is freedom really?
I've come to find out it's something that's subjective, arbitrary.
I am physically free from you but still chained to something, and I don't know what that something is.
I'm free to be the person I knew I always could be without you.
But why are you still chained to my thoughts?
Why am I still chained to this toxic lifestyle?
Maybe it's this City.
Maybe it's the way you used to hold me at night.
Maybe it's the way He looks at me now (He looks at others the same too).
Or maybe it's just me and I still miss you.
And I still sleep alone while you sleep with Her.
So then, is freedom really free?
Avery Langcaster Aug 2015
I'm better off without you
I'm really starting to see
Now that time has past
I've dried my tear soaked sleeves

I thought you were my angel
What a cunning disguise
Turns out you were my demon
Crippling my mind

So thanks for the memories
But I'm finally moving on
It seems that to catch my breath
I needed you gone
WickedHope Dec 2014
Have you seen me?

They took my face
Off the the missing posters,
Because no one
Would want the reward,
If they saw my face.

The description
They removed too,
Because how can you
Define a girl
Who's nothing but bruised?

I have been missing -- gone,
For far, far too long.
Not worth it.
I don't think anyone will ever find me.
- - -
Andrew... Meet me in the dark?
Jamie L Cantore Nov 2014
I am given to an unfamiliar direction,
disturbed into one in need, by confession,
of sympathetic sorrow, and her fond affection.

Yet I was left to fall to ruin in a mode, a condition
of the great and hapless misery of this wan dejection,
by the one whose sweet tenderness once was unquestioned.

Her lovingness by no thoughts is considered to be any more.
She became a shadowy wretch that was long ago and once before
a primary source to my poor crying heart's deep and ever endless store.

To my heart's succor she could not allot a smidgen more,
because I lost my way by way of a muse whose virtue was pure,
and I was lying within my secret hideaway far from me, far from her.
She and her refer to my ex .
Also, this was a longer poem, but it began to have an irregular meter,
So I will write a new poem with the left-overs.
Becky Littmann May 2014
If you don't care enough to do all you can to make me want to stay......
I'm better off going astray....
I know you'll regret it someday....
& that you could careless with what I have to say....
Karmas a *****, remember that okay???
Because later you'll realize that I was the one you let get away!!!!

— The End —