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Monday, November 11th, 2019

The pain in loss can be a deleterious scourge, undoing all the threads of light embedded in the heart. Who am I to contend with the ethereal tides of the cosmos? A juvenescent soul enrapt mine entity for but a moment, yet, soon thereafter, he was gone. Vanquished by the Winds of Undoing, he may never re-alight upon my soulscape; however, I must go on. Let dreams illumine the fulgent irides you are starry-eyed to see.

I must trust that all things are working out for their highest good. In me are all the answers that I seek; we are our own nexus to transcendence. Will I ever see him again? I am without certainty, but I shall arise triumphantly. Tears may yearn to cascade my countenance, but I will waxeth impregnable apropos of the deluge of sadness.

Who am I? I am the emblematization, the insignia of love. Christ truly abides within each one of us. If I am to truly attain my Apex Monumental, I must undergo tremendous sufferings; therefore, ne’er fathom that suffering is thine undoing, ―tis your making.

Press onward valiant warrior, love shall open every doorway. One day, thine Ultima Thule shall manifest itself before your eyes; moreover, the patriarch you never had shall be found in the Arbiter of Fates above. Never give up young one, for you are aeonically loved. Wisdom, Love, Justice, Power and all the virtues vested in this cosmos shall teem within thine vessel.

Sanctity is perhaps a notion, a theistic & ratiocinatively deific dogma. I fathom it an inordinately exclusive fallacy that maketh one feel holier than his brethren. Was any man or woman foreordained above any other? And if so, were they given not a privilege, but a duty? An anointing means one is set apart for a higher purpose, not a lionizing gasconade.

“He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” It is true that the erudite has immense gift, but they likewise carry profundity of mandated travail. In each one of us, lie the answers we seek; therefore, we must introspect & retrospect in order to circumspect. We must search and seek, in order to find. Let the one who knocketh, have it revealed unto them, have it opened.

∞(Se’ Lah)∞

Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III
"He who dares to teach must never cease to learn."

-A Sapient Soul

“When the student is ready, the master appears.”

-Buddhist Axiom

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

D Letwixt Oct 2018
Sands and seashells as white as moonlit night
And water tugging slightly at the small boats
Trembling in the wake

“Far across the silvery sea”
Those little waves whisper to me
“From ocean dark and brooding blue, cross horizons bleeding red
is a land where the mists travel languidly through
and dangerous things betwixt the paths you tread.”

“There is a city that some say glows in the night
Whose towers ***** to glorious height
Domes and great structures stand below
Upon white stones, blue moonlight does glow.”

“If you swim out during the brooding storm
And torrential city make, with towers of black swirling wake
The sea will take and change your form
You will enter the depth and the depth will enter you
And sea imbued, you emerge anew.”

“On the second day, and the crest of red rising light
When Phoenix fly against the night
You will be ****** from water by the fiery wing
And to a new land take you as Phoenix songs it softly sings.”

“There you will encounter the dangers and things of strange delight
And the white walls of Elyse, whose light is cast upon the height.”
Andrew L Manson Feb 2018
She is the reason for the world behind your eyes,
that imaginary reality of your Elysian field.
The warmth of her smile,
the furtive soil of her thighs,
a whisp of her voice enough to make you yield.

These walls, so carefully erected,
crumble and fall where they stand,
to your core you are dissected
by a mere touch of her hand.

Yet, you do not shy away, on the contrary
you long for her, yearn for her heart
no matter how vulnerable and weary
it is better to die, than to be apart.

“Oh, my love! “Tread carefully on this soul,
or tear it to pieces if you were so to choose”.
“For you hold the entire world in your hands
and I, I don’t care what I might lose”.
Juju Sep 2017
R. I. P. poi,
They said.
I wasn't sure what that meant.
You face only vaguely familiar.
Then I walked in to school...

Twas no ghost town,
Twas the town of dead.
Sullen forms gliding along.
So I wasn't down with grief.
But I somehow felt like I'd blasphemed.

We'd walked the over same grass.
Been taught by the same teachers.
into each other.

Yet you were faceless to me.
No name,
No memory,
Only guilt.

Maybe you felt like me,
In the lands of Hades.
Walking through asphodel.

From what I hear:
You walk Elysium.
To young a man I regret not knowing
Michael Briefs Aug 2017
The mazy pattern spins upon
The murky enclosure.
The process emerges as
Watery words written, interlaced,
Across the fleshy frame.
A fleeting impression of
Ephemeral inscriptions
Dancing and enticing my mind
To immersed submissions.
Anxious pulse slows,
Cooling blood flows
In sympathetic resonance;
My breath lilts, feathery,
And the room, lustrous, grows.

As light surfaces, giving
Clarity to the liquid lexis
That swirls around, I begin
To see the hypnotic signs,
Coaxing my soul
To a heady delirium!
But the ethos is pure alterity,
And the shapes start to change.
The fluent verses that encircled me --  
Messages of reassurance,
Poems of perpetual peace,
Prompting me to repose,
Calling me to release --
Now shift and bleed
Into a color-blur, so strange!

Once recognizable,
The patterns now appear as
Iridescent waves of a gnosis, primordial.
The intuitive takes hold.

In this floating state of acceptance,
Those dreamy streams pull me to Elysium:  
Visions shimmer of verdant gardens unending,
Acoustics of astonishing life
Jabbering in response, ascending!
The proud Peacock stands,
The wild Quetzal soars!
Is this moment virtual? Is this identical?
I am drawn into a dreamland
Carried from my sentient core.

All will to resist dilutes to
Diffuse and opaque defection.
The eternal elements of existence
Intrude and disperse any mean ambition.

Breath. Sight. Vibration. Light.
Bathed in a serene sea my soul would chart.
Knowledge without thought.
Instinct without provocation.
Flight within the cavernous enclosure
Of my trembling heart.

I am in balance above the abyss,
I am a fixed crystal corpus.
The liquid lyrics of Supreme love
Are interlaced and have become
A spark of pristine existence.
Miraculous codes of new life branch forth
To a seminal universe of expression.

From that murky domain, the excellent
Utterance of my existence becomes clear.
The gospel of the soul’s translation sends its
Proclamation when the muse appears!
I am not sure if this one is quite finished yet, but here goes!
I cannot recall the last time that I didn't feel completely alone
For once a human has fully submitted to death
Whether there is an after or a life after

It can never be a beating heart
A warm body
A breathing organism
Or a functional mind again

It floats in Elysium
Never living but never dying
Alone in the barren land
Äŧül Apr 2016
How I fell down the stairs of Elysium was when I fell in love with her.
My first 1 line poem.

It leaves much scope for the reader to imagine.

My HP Poem #1048
©Atul Kaushal
Charleigh Huston Nov 2015
ELYSIUM is as far to us
As the gentle winds of dusk -
And the very nearest gloom
That Death shall doom
If in that doom, thou may await
We shall see our Fate -
Serenity of doom,
Or clarity of gloom.

What fortitude your soul contains! -
To fight through our loving pains,
To search for our love’s cure,
Such adversity it must endure!
Only the Lord must give you strength,
To see out our missteps at length -
As the gloom of clarity,
Our love’s Serenity.
Christian Bixler Oct 2015
I rest beneath the spreading bows,
an oak, ancient in in life, in the living
earth, wise in the ways of growing. Wheat
surrounds us, I and the tree, together an island
amid the shifting gold, swaying in a gentle breeze,
born of the hazy south, warm and kind. The sun shines
down, as it sinks to meet the flat horizon, and fall beneath
the world. Clouds streak the sky, as the blue yields to the gold
of sunset. The birds are singing. And I wake, to behold the dawn,
and I hear the birds singing, as they too wake with the light.
An old poem
Kayden Fittini Apr 2015
I wish to go home were I'm protected from life's downfalls.
To journey across the seven seas
While I'm in sadness counting all my flaws.
The weight of the planet's heartache and harm is bleeding.
Angels smile down as the demons look up, while plotting and feeding.
Dreaming every night of this place.
One could only pray of such a heavenly space.
We must work for it, put all this turmoil aside.
Lift our chests up and remember we have pride.
No matter what time it is, I'm willing to fight against the fire.
Vampires exist mind you they prey on our souls, this hour is dyer.
Lets build a new empire.
One that represents the human kind.
Lets all be kind
To one another, without jealousy or lies.
Shady plans as they whisper behind your back.
The love they show on the outside means jack.
Allow me to return to the vision seen.
A wonderful ground surrounded by nature and a useful team.
Imagine if every person just experienced the spark.
Point the bright torch at the furthest wall, its a bit too dark.
I see it in the distance.
Look at the state of the world.
Turn their money into power for our resistance.
pledge your allegiance to the mighty fight.
So we can all one day reach the land of the light.
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