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Juju Apr 2018
To write is to remember.

Write the good,
The pleasant,
The joy.
Then go to sleep.

Tomorrow  when night comes after a long day,
And one looks forward to a long sleep,
Write the good,
The pleasant,
The joy.
Then go to sleep.

Tomorrow when night comes after a long day,
And one looks forward to a long sleep,
Write the good,
The pleasant,
The joy.
Then go to sleep.

Day by day the sun shall set.
Day by day the moon shall rise.
One shall smile and
Write the good,
The pleasant,
The joy.
Then go to sleep.

The sun shall rise
The body shall rise.
This time,
The mind follows,
The heart follows.

For days have been remembered well.
And the eyes- window to the soul-
Look ahead grateful and trusting.
Tomorrow, today will have been a good day, so tomorrow has no reason not to be a good day.

On the book ‘the two sandals by Etsko Schuitema’
Juju Feb 2018
It was not like spring,
Releasing me from winter,
Nor was I winter,
Turning to spring.

So long had I laid there.
Mud squirming around,
The grounded boot;
Did stomp,

But nature was part of it.
Bare feet,
In the mud.
Toes and mud dancing,

But not for revenge.
For truth in beauty,
In seeing the two:
Toes and mud
Shape one another for growth.

For nothing feels better,
To walk a land,
Sowed again;
Ready to grow.
Juju Dec 2017
Run to make distance
With those who catch up.

Run to observe
Whose who torment.

Beware, lest tou run
With ease and length
For these catch up.

Run fast and short,
Stop and turn,

Those who torment catch up.

Stand firm,
Those who catch up keep going.

Thoughful, weave through
With knowledge observed.

Let those who catch up
For they can’t turn back.
  Oct 2017 Juju
Lior Gavra
The moment you forget.
Mind wanders with regret.
Eyes blurred, lose focus.
“What’s my current purpose?”

Is spontaneous enough?
Chasing a dream, tough.
As a child we rushed,
what was all the fuss?

The lost moment finds.
The lost moment unwinds.
The lost moment reminds.
Messes with our minds.

In that moment there is clarity.
We connect with our reality.
Understand humanity.
Endless possibilities.
Test our comfortability.

A chance to breathe.
Rebirth and see.
Are we where
we want to be?

Take that lost moment,
to reset your focus.
To find yourself and
your new found purpose.
Juju Oct 2017
Sometimes you expect more of someone,
Because you
Would do that much.
And it hurts to realise
That you don’t have:

A rope to grasp,
A wall to lean on.

That you walk on a floor,
Whose tiles unfeelingly dissolve,
Letting you fall into the abyss,
With no rope to grasp.

That the one that haddock your turns to wind,
Letting you lose your balance,
With no wall to lean on.

An emptiness so vast,
Barley contained,
Held within a fist of flesh,
Pulsing with despair.
Juju Sep 2017
I've been told
To listen to my heart,
To refrain from logical comparison.
Because when you heart is concerned,
Emotions don't follow the rules.
That is their strengths,
That is their beauty,
That is the danger.

But this heart doesn't know what to feel,
And when it asks the mind,
The mind only tells the heart
Why either of them can't decide.
Buy when the heart can't decide,
It asks the mind,
Lest it hurt,
Till it give up.
Juju Sep 2017
Ever listened to song,
Or sound.
Once liked.
Now festered with new meaning.

Tendrils snaking to your heart,
A piece of the world you no longer wish feel.

Yet it hurts to turn away.
To turn away from the truth.
Behind the song:
A real piece of this world,
You can no longer touch.

A fantom limb,
A cursed itch.
Across your heart,
A deep unhealed cut
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