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Dusk Jun 2015
Another sun sets in the horizon,
but our day is just beginning.
We were on a road that led to nowhere.
But it didn’t matter,
because we couldn’t see the end.
And I thought to myself
that it would be alright
if we postponed all our worries for tomorrow.
Like how you went out through the window
while your parents were asleep, since we had places to be.
Along the way
you started complaining that you were hungry,
and we were running out of gas,
while the only thing I could think about
was how perfectly your hand fit in mine.

Dusk Jun 2015
It doesn't matter what age you are,
or what era you live in,
a writer
is someone with
an old soul,
a young heart,
and a timeless mind.
Dusk Jun 2015
The faintest hint of you
and I have songs,
and poems,
and words
my very thoughts,
and my mouth,
and my hands.
By all means
I breathe you in
as the air
that fills my lungs.
Dusk Jun 2015
You inhabit my every waking memory.

Dusk Jun 2015
When your gaze found me,
remember that you
-for that short infinity-
held the entirety of my being
in a heartbeat.

Dusk Jun 2015
If only I was not gravely mistaken
about all the things that matter most to me.

Dusk Jun 2015
I’ll admit,
the reckless abandon by which I write
is my very own guilty pleasure.
Perhaps someday you’ll take the time
to pass by this haven that I’ve made,
away from prying eyes.
The fickle words that reach me
often leave this boy wanting for not
but to embrace the darkness with anticipation.
Maybe you’re reading this right now.
Or it’s just me again hoping that these words
will come across and miraculously set things right.
To find that a soul so fragile
still ventures out into the world in search for the light
while emitting its own soft glow.
There’s no one quite like you.

You’re a masterpiece in the making.
Dusk Jun 2015
“You promised”
the most frightening
anyone might ever
speak of me.

Dusk Jun 2015
She wants to,
and she doesn’t.
She wants to,
yet she doesn’t.
She wants to,
*but she doesn’t.
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