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Phoenix Bekkedal Jun 2018
I can't say I missed you,
but I'm glad you're back half of the time.
In those moments when your lips tense
in focus on a new ****** mystery novel,
you're convinced you know the killer
and I'm convinced you'll **** me in the night,
so we lie awake, side by side.
A shared cold so we're sniffling
I was sick but we couldn't help kissing
I'm beyond infatuated,
have always been emotional,
but with you I really lose my mind.
Phoenix Bekkedal Mar 2018
baking in the mojave
no rivers here like in the tangles back east
crows—and perhaps other animals can on occasion
be heard in a tussle
squeamish feelings settle in the crater of a
stomach half-empty
Last night I woke up aware
of the snakes that bite and scorpions that pinch
but not how truly they exist
I’ve never felt the sun sear my skin so
I hope to fry and lock in all my juices
like my brother’s rich cooking
oh how I dream of a brother by my side
and the more dreary and sweaty I become
the more I begin to see one
a dark, hulking man, as sullen as I
sulking as I do; beneath a new sun
My history said something about the Mojave desert and it got me thinking.
Phoenix Bekkedal Nov 2017
Sometimes my chest lies dormant
And the wind whistles for me
Sometimes when I wake up
I can't move my toes
I'm paralyzed but still breathing
The breeze living in my corpse
I know I'm attracted to colors
Those bright vivid oranges
I've got the clouds stolen
I stole them; they're between my teeth
My goosebumps kick me down pennies
I scrape them off the sidewalk
Begging for a change
To change what I mean
Into what you see
When you see me
And my shadow lagging behind
Dragging its prickly feet
Praying for the love
To pick me up off the cliff's edge
And drop me
And when I'm falling
I'll finally say
I like your glasses
And your freckles remind me of the stars
And your eyes are just like the moon
And maybe I could fly if I could just
Forget that we're gonna die
  Oct 2017 Phoenix Bekkedal
Angie S
what is it you think about that
makes you as special as the full moon,
and just as ethereal?
even after all this time,
i linger on the ends of words you wrote,
on stanzas you seamlessly weaved into poetry;
i remember the rich green ends of your hair
like chlorophyll saturating new leaves;
i see you in every shade of yellow
and in the soft soil of this Earth you love so much.
you said that i changed your life
but i cannot begin to explain how
your smile rivals the dazzling, celestial beauty of sunrise,
your laugh blooms as a sweet rose in spring,
and the thoughts you think are absolutely captivating.
you're somebody special

even after all this time...
we have graduated from who we were then
and stride in opposite directions.
perhaps i don't love you quite the same
as time is a funny phenomenon
but i am always wishing the best for you,
and that transcends time.
i wonder if sometimes,
you turn back and look for me in your memories?
i would like to recommend the album "Go With Me" by Kwak Jin Eon, which i listened to while writing this.

if i could ask you one thing now, i would ask if you are an alien. you're too beautiful for this Earth
Phoenix Bekkedal Aug 2017
The elk are uneasy
It's time to cross the lake
You can see it in their faces
The way their noses
Are just so still
The lake is a river
Polar bears are caught
Coughing, paddling for the shore
To no avail
The elk stand tall
Take one step
Then none
global warming and deer!!!!!!
Phoenix Bekkedal Aug 2017
We're not dead yet.
I try and look at it that way.
Try not to imagine my momma's mourning face
Torn when she would do anything
Just to switch our places
Be in the coffin instead of me
She keeps coughing from the cigarettes
Replaying regrets regrets
Praying if there's ever been a restart in history
For it to belong right now to me
This is my mortality poem
Let they sing it above my grave
While my mom tries to teach the dirt
How to coo my name
So I can sleep just right
How she wishes she could scratch my head
The way she would do when I was a baby
To get me to sleep
All night
Just right
Phoenix Bekkedal Aug 2017
Found the quarters for the laundry
Counted them by loads

We have enough for eight

You picked me up and counted me by mistakes
I weighed a ton but we carried it together after we exchanged numbers

I did the laundry
And week after week
Again and again until we had enough quarters for one last load
And I washed the bed sheets
Figured we could take all our ***** clothes off and lie in the clean there
Because it's nice to have a clean house

We have a clean house
When I can't sleep I scrub the tiles
Until they're bright like the rising sun reminding me
I should have been sleeping
It's okay though
You're asleep and can't tell you're alone
I ask myself while making coffee
If you know
I've got bags underneath my eyes
And the floor is cleaner and cleaner every passing night
And the smell of bleach resonates off the square white tiles
You continue to wake and just smile
Just smile
Look at me
And smile
Like the world is smooth
And runs on smiles
My insides mock fire
"Are you tired?"
"No I'm just wired,
drank too much coffee
I'm not tired."
You know
And I know you know
I guess you're happy with the clean floors and extra space in the bed
so you don't have to worry about rolling over at night or kicking me
I write good poems about laundry.
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