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CautiousRain Mar 24
Haven't you heard
that breaking and entering is an offense
and that maybe every attempt
you make to barge into me,
every door you bust open,
every single step forward
into my soul, my energy,
against my will, is trespassing,
and I'll be ******
if you think I won't
take care of a wiley trespasser
like you.
an oldie from march I had just sitting in the abyss
Leticia JL Sims Jul 2016
Time and time again
I think of you
all about you
always on my mind
time and time again
I wish you knew
Time and time again
I think of you
I wish you knew
You're on my mind
Like 1-2-3
Time and time again
Thinking of you is so bothersome
Please thoughts of you just go away
Come again a distant day
Let me be free from these thoughts
That make me feel like I cant be free
From you
let me be free from you

— The End —