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lmnsinner Aug 2018
he gulps me into peaces

led to his bed.
eyes kissed and asked to
come and go to where I
dream and imagine
but do not think.  

he gulps me into pieces.  
oh my god
oh my god
oh my god.  

and when he sees I am at last
in peaceful,  

god could but desires not to answer
all who call out to him.

thus the human was invented:

an imperfect messenger

a version of his image

that answers you in

pieces of peace

as best as any

human can
iamtheavatar Mar 2017
Of all the names ever invented,
yours is the most wonderful.
For you have taken over my heart,
and now I'm finally free.

**iamthe_avatar ©2017
A poem for love.
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Spencer Albino Apr 2016
You're my LSD Nightmare
You, the truth, the light, the way
You're my LSD Nightmare
The man who made the blotter
Showed me the other side
And when I thought I'd die,
I traveled through the open gate
You, my LSD Nightmare
I love you, I love you, I lived in you
I am your eyes and I see your face
You, beautiful life, I confide in you
I wandered towards you and I saw in your eyes
I saw the sadness of thousands of years
I saw the sorrow of all the lost children
I wished I could tell you, but you were forgotten
When I finally found you, we lost our listlessness
We tumbled through the circles of time,
And found it all back where I'd left you
I love you, I loved you, I lived in you
And when I awaken,
I'll tell you who you are
preparing for the shift

— The End —