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I'm a rare One..

I am one of those drones who always
seem to fly underneath the " Radar "
In everything I do or attempt to do
I go undetected by the all-seeing Eye
of the critical masses
*ATTENTION!! This is a fair *WARNING!!
Tune me out at your own risk!
Cause I'm like a UFD
( An Unidentified Flying Disc )
Or.. more commonly known as.. a UFO
For U R..  Unaware
Nor.. can you see or hear me
Because I'm flying on dimensional air waves that are set and assembled near the Stairway to HEAVEN
Residing in the 5th 6th & the 7th Dimension
( Or somewhere in-Be-tween )
So Please!! Tell me?
What does your so called NFZ
( No Fly Zone ) even mean to someone as stealthy as ME x E ? ( My Ego times Eternity )
I hope no one gets the wrong idea about me after reading. When I wrote this I was in a place of searching and self-seclusion that was the state of mind I was in at the time. I don't know if it was a good or bad place. But I do believe that this was a projection of all of the emotions that I was feeling within the present moment of writing down my thoughts
SomaSonata Aug 2020
I want to know the the truth
The privileged secrets known by the few
But they say it's better this way
A light in the dark
A hint of ignorant bliss on the wind
But what do I know?
I'm a everyday fool
I sing in the rain
I feel nice and safe
Or so I'm told anyway
I'm a no name
They laugh in my face
They dance on my grave
The ending's the same
It will all be ok
Such and such #strong
Remain calm and carry on
I'll guess I'll play along...
For now anyway
Joyce Joadiyce Jan 2020
Green the Martians
Fly the lights
UFOs the distance
Stars and lights
Joyce Joadiyce Jan 2020
A galaxy of light
Stars to look at like
Universe to see
Out there our galaxy...
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
Like a star from afar
Under moons aliens
A ufo to the Martian Galaxy
The Earth what maybe

Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
Here a star there a moon
The universe of out there
Martians over there an alien
Light years to the galaxy

Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
The stars
The extra-terrestrials
Out of the galaxy behind the moons
There coming and going in ufos aliens

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Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
Extra-terrestrial where for out thou r
Hidden so well among the stars our universe
So,  stars filled with life where at the aliens
The possibilities for ufos exploring the earthlings galaxy

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Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
Martians of stars too
Earthlings far the planet
Moons and stars the ufos sparkle
Worlds of outerspace where aliens

Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
Galaxies afar way out in outer space stars
They hide so very well from humans
Visiting often to Earth's front door
Making schemes in ufos out of the locals

You may share my poems
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