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Will Creech Sep 2015
Soft embrace
Tingling your fingers on my skin
And the quiet whisper to remember
Took for granted

Waking up
Does it matter where the day goes?
Your laugh that sparks the feels
Deep inside me

Big brown eyes
Underneath the covers, a world
Where love isn’t quite so scary
Believe in me
written 5/5/15
Will Creech Sep 2015
Your skin glows in darkened windows
Turns paste dimly similar darkness
An open mouth filled with seeds
Spilling roots into my feet
Which twist and bend and scream
As I break and fall and dive
From the window above that of my own soul
And roll and cry where flowers might have bloomed
Inside you neck where my hand resides
As the motions turn change turn upside
Down beneath your skin I feel new blood flow
Causes a dimmer of eyeballs invisible
To none but you
The quiet air is worse than loud chaos
The energy that infects so many
Another victim smiles for love
And another lover smiles for
What's there not to smile for
If every face you see transforms and bends
Into a likeness you can hold
And in your elbows you get a spike
Of tingle the arms that protect
Or once was thought to do before
The air grew cold and summer fell down
Where I fell like a rock on glass
The door shatters on my feet like before
Cut open the blood of friends
Ghosts left behind
Who still hold you without wanting to
Though they would have
And empty pools with fleshed out ghosts
You can't hold or hear or even see
But your bones grow cold and rip your skin
As you grow and change and grieve
And hold yourself and all that's real
For the time being
And **** the straw and close eyes
And disregard yourself
If you never have a plan
You walk into the woods and find
The trees are all different
With different branches to poke your eyes
And make you blind
And your surroundings blur
Cannot walk anymore
So carry me home and lay me down
And rest inside my stomach and
Make me breathe
I'll make you breathe
And cause the pump to pump
Pull the lever push the switch
To turn on the glowing light
Inside your skin
Turned away and looking at a glow
That I cannot see
Please feel me like I feel you
Even though I said I haven't
I haven't seen this light before
Will Creech Sep 2015
Chisel the stones down
Breathe deep and let it all out
An air of lightness

Don't care to go down
Into the well and water
Splash'd hair covers eyes

The fall breeze leaves here
When the clock ceases ticking
Feeling nothing now

Come here again dear
Bless green the haze in the air
Spark again in me
Will Creech Sep 2015
Dreamily the stardust gathers
Deep inside black
Soulful vibrations exploding like candy
The clouds shades colors of light
Erasing the burnt toast

Upside-down I am
I have lost part of me
Inside the ocean

Down the hole
Into unknowingness
A place shied away from
A pool closed for winter
Guarded by walls of swords
Cut my sides open
Fall into a blueness

The future in a fog coat
Can't remember even being here
I've lost the time of day
And the sun and moon
Mysteriously disappear
And appear again

A want of the flutter of wings
A loss of gravity
Landing on the floor
To see the white shine
And glowing stardust
To dive into a place
Of youthful adventure
Of roaring fires
Of heightened senses
Of quiet glances

The words twisting my spine
The thoughts racing mind
Can't describe
Lost in a place
A dance in slow motion
A blender blending
Our souls into smoothies

And I know I'm alone here
Swallowed in my own fear
The glass breaks and falls
Only those claws
Scratch a bone within
Begging to let you in.
Will Creech Sep 2015
Curls swirling twirling downwards
Bright spotlights shining on me
Where your eyes should be
Glowing magnets, pull me closer
And stick around a while
A spark that appears sometimes,
Insides floating deep inside,
A longing -

Words not said for words are dead
When silence speaks its volumes for it
My brain gets mushy inside my head
Falling through time and space
Sensations both old and new
Creep up and down my spine
Tickling and tingling a part of my heart
That had the lights shut off a while

Rushing blood deep inside these veins
The pains and gains and strains of life refuse to constrict and contain me
My feet step lightly
Upon the solid ground
The sound in my head rings like bells
But if a feeling isn't real till nobody tells
It'll always remain in its own sort of hell
Will Creech Sep 2015
Not so gracefully
We swam nakedly
Underneath the light switch in your childhood bedroom
Just a touch or two
We look up at the blue from the swimming pool at
The stars in the skies
Inside your eyes I dive
So dead not so alive
I'll be for another year or two
I don't know that much about you

Swimming in the cold waters
I feel a shame that bothers
Me. I don't know what you see
But it's something I don't know about me
Painfully I cry
And curse the good things in life and try to find my inner desires
You hold me tight under the stars in the swimming pool
A place in time a peace of mind

So casually we cease to be
A bittersweet memory
Of a time I wanted more than I could be
And now we might have a sight clouded by the darkness of a night
The stars are the only light to guide us through our dreams
When we dream you're going to dream with me
Life is another place separated from our dream reality
And at night the stars shine again.
Will Creech May 2014
I feel like I'm on top of a skyscraper
And for a fleeting moment I look upon
the world as a whole, familiar,
like I've always known it
And without entirely realizing I've slipped,
I begin falling
And Everything's in a rush
until I fall into you
Crashed into a reality
we can create together.
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