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Lipi Apr 2015
when arrived, feels like home
like a bubble, like a dome
peaceful people all around
enjoying this crazy sound

so much colors, crazy figures
all this smells pulling my triggers
intense, incense, aromatic
be tense? no sense, just be static

entering, meeting the fellows
or should I just say some jellos
wiggling with the rhythmic music
for us this is therapeutic

waves of sound hitting my face
punching hard with deepest bass
I believe that things will turn
I choose not to be concernded

this 'so crazy, this 'so good
here we find the greatest brood
jewls of every generation
some eletric, others pacient

colored waters, not for thirst
only if you need a burts
shining patterns underneath
make it hard for me to breath

then the sun comes up for us
contributes for the new buzz
now you see who's there with you
and who didn't make it through

sunglasses get pulled out
soon the sun will loudly shout
soul, mind and body fused
into one nice breakfeast juice

that's when people start to leave
not what I like to archieve
"I will stay", I always say
until the end of the day

molly, goa, lucy, prog
buds and buddys, love and fog
I'm so glad this moments caught me
this is just my type of party
Lipi Mar 2015
It asks me to follow...

Like an echo in deep space...

But I think there's no such place...

Not today, not tomorrow...
Lipi Mar 2015
All so different, but all the same
All so centered, but full with shame
All do looking for one to blame
All do cheating, but life's no game

Do I act
like that,
in fact?

If yes, I think
my mind
just cracked.
Lipi Mar 2015
I want to try it all
A little bit of all

If I find joy I may dive...
If I dive I may drown...
If I drown I may die...
Despite this, I will always try.
Lipi Mar 2015
I was lying in the dark
the floor was cold
the water pool marked
not only my clothes
but also the moment
in which this is told
the moment in wich
my small life got poled.
I was told it would burn my eyes
I was told to open them
but the gap I created
was not known to man
that liquid brought sharp pain
pain like acid tears, no like acid rain
hitting down my eye globe
whipping down my sight code
ripping down the kicking dawn
that was just my inside load.
Now I see a light tho'
I think, when I see fights, "go"
Because running  away from
day to day insn't right... no...
An ayahuasca ritual included a new eye dropper thing that I didn`t know, but I liked it.

— The End —