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l b d Oct 2020
the edge of the crystal
never came down
from the unconscious

(you're giving too much
and you killed your body)
probably my favorite of this particular collection
xpzlol Dec 2018
Shallow sunlight
Reaching grey areas.
Sporting berating frowns
And horrid, gaunt eyes.

into black corners.
Turbulent emotions.
The stars and the sea kiss
just a footstep backward.

Noises drown.
Eyes burn.
Head smarts.

Flopping on the hamster wheel.
Resting on coffee makers.
The delicacy of energy bars served
on a silver plate.

And your body screams:
While your hands scrabble for a handhold
on a self polished cliffside.

When you realise you're running faster than the treadmill.
It's already too late.
Emily Aug 2018
20 techs working all together
10 scientists reviewing all their work
2 techs gone for questionable behavior
3 techs lured away by lucrative positions
3 scientists went on to greener pastures
1 scientist promoted into management

Two-thirds the work force—extra work for all.
Management decrees that:
Worker shortages are not sufficient cause for revenue shortages or excess overtime.
Lunch breaks are mandatory and not to be worked through.
Invite all your friends to work here—isn’t it a wonderful environment?
Just think, we’re getting a new building in 3 years and will double in size.
All your woes will be solved then, if only you survive.
The age old question: is the grass greener elsewhere? Or is it that fewer sheep are grazing there?

— The End —