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Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018

I heard viberation out of the blue
just two minutes talk really like
"game over"
on screen in amusement park fool
a bit more than a missed
call stranger

Have to swim cross night
long and lonely
no energy to sleep back tight, in this
coldest night
literally surviving one and the only!
listening "Learn to be lonely" till
morning light

Wishing not to trigger another
stretched night
hoping for a good paper of
fortune cookie
anyway, a heart full of
thoughtful delight
You're always over my head like a
warm hooie
Based on true story
Jenny Gordon Oct 2018
Or to clarify:  I'm a carved out Honeydew melon, empty since my mother's passing.


Pink tinges gloaming as we walk in pale
Last minutes to the car, as if fr'intents
Dusk feign would swallow aught we'd known from thence,
And lo, how naked trees lined up to scale
Wait gauntly in the fading light, boughs frail
Sans vestige of that leafy cover's dense
Mass, orange piles at the curb and sidewalk hence
While red wars green for rights to erm, detail.
Subdued, I've lost the heart to play as twere,
My niece sad I'll not voice the captain who
I thence respond to in our sailing tour
Of distant realms; and yellow flutters through
This grey eye of last minutes, half astir,
Game Over haunting all we had or knew.

Back when I'd babysit her routinely a couple years back, one of the many games we'd play was sailing the high seas.  I was both the salty captain and my own hapless self.  She still loves that one.
Krizhe Ming Oct 2018
It was the best gift he can offer
He called it quits and free her
Finally, the game is over
A short one
When you feel like dying keep living
But why for what just to get hurt again
Just to break more
Just to die a little bit inside
What's the point
Ill be ok and be ok
Until what until I'm not
Why even feel it if it is just gonna go away
Why even breathe to be just ok
We live and live
Give and give and give
And were ok were always oh ******* k
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
We're all just pieces
Trapped inside this endless game
We can never win

— The End —