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ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
I am playing songs reminding me of you
I can't help but feel blue
How do I move when my heart is not fine
How do I forget when it's you I can only think about
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
It's 2 am and I am thinking of you
I can just wish that you're thinking of me too.
over work
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
Dancing with you is, I don’t know… hmmm a dreamy nightmare?
I’ve waited for your goodbye, I’ve wished for your good night…
Is it a selfish “please” before I close my eyes?
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
You… How do I say this?
You were the u in my universe,
The only art on my Earth…
The only known in the infinite nothingness of the galaxies…
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
It is a love letter I can never give you
It is about love I can never tell you
The hardest part of loving is silently doing it
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
Withered leaves and hopes lost…
An intensified longing of budding unreal shoot.
You are those conceived ideas consuming my thoughts
You are living for personifications and by metaphors
ALL-ALONE Aug 2020
How do I choose between my tears and your smile
How do I choose between our friendship and  my broken heart
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