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Dead Sep 15
Holding my hands out as you split my wrists again
Bending my fingers back, I’ll breathe again when I hear them pop

Holding handfuls of glass as it shatters, smaller and smaller.
Sinking into my skid.

How comforting your lies feel.
How cold your love feels.

Dancing around the noose, walking our little circles.
Just kick the stool out, I deserve that.

Maybe the audience will find some solace in the way my eyes fade, maybe they’ll have some pity as my body flails.

Maybe the circles will get tight enough to suffocate me.
Maybe I’ll find the thing that you couldn’t give me,
Floating mere feet from the ground
Mitch Prax Sep 14
Remember all the
good times you had and all the
things you hoped to be?

11:16 PM
Felicity Sep 13
I ask you if you are okay
I can see the pain
You hide in your eyes
But all you say is "I'm fine"
But the truth is
I know you are not fine
Why can't you tell me
What is wrong
I can't stand watching you hurt
And feeling helpless because
I can't ******* help you
And stop trying to push me away
I want to be able to help you
But if you keep lying
Then I can't help you
So let's try this again
Are you okay?
Tired, stressed
And depressed
I'm a mess
Got no ******* money left
Can't go to sleep
Or get out of bed
Can't stop thinking
About next month's rent
Don't know where I'm going
And forgot where I went

Always thinking about
Time better spent
Abusing myself
Just trying to clear my head
Is my only friend
The start has faded
There's only the end
All the King's horses
And all the King's men
Couldn't put me
Back together again
Mitch Prax Sep 1
I sabotaged
my ability to love
with my inability to love.
It's as simple
as that.
Mitch Prax Aug 29
Spending Friday night
staring into the icy
heart of the bottle

6:37 PM
Mitch Prax Aug 25
It's been a while
since I felt this good but how
long will it last for?

4:22 PM
MWilson Aug 23
Rather feel boozed
Than anything else
Rather feel used
Than love itself  
Rather be hopeless
Than to be insincere
Rather be hazed
Than to see things clear
Rather dissappear
Than to be right here
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