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old willow May 4
Here is quiet, breezy cold air,
life is one dazzling snare.
Where snow orchid blossom,
I find cool summer, warm winter;
but greatness never come sooner...
My back disobey, the wind is too cold.
My ear speaks, the peak alone.
I wanted to be great, to be dazzling,
must my heart make a killing?
Remember her, old friend?
She was...hideous,
You think she was ugly,
oh no, far from it.

She was the fairest,
Her lavishing sable hair,
Her viridian eyes,
Her glamorous smile,

Her soft-hued skin,
Her delicately slender body,
Her dazzling manners,
Her ever so warm demeanor,

Her moves,
Fluid, graceful, focused,
Capturing the essence of the music,
with her mesmerizing artistry.

She was indeed perfect,
Unique, as no one could be as elegant,
Charming, for no one, was as lovely. no one was as rotten.

What she was, my old friend,
Was an empty vessel,
the soul of which had perished,
mortified by its actions.

For all she ever wanted was approval,
so what she did was put on a mask,
losing herself in the process,
becoming a ghost of her formal self.
I am personally very proud with how this one turned out. People have told me that it reminds them of the main heroine of the movie the "Black Swan".
Wyatt Mar 2020
You're dazzling and calm,
yet bursting with passion.
Yes, you carry fiery stares
that would cut through me.
So elegant and poised
in everything you do
and I can't help but feel
inadequate compared to you.
Sharmila Juliet Apr 2019
Your little Ray of sunshine
Drop by drop made my
Dark cloudy sky shine
With full of hope.
It's leading me to the
Dazzling glory of
Everlasting success.
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
a dazzling burst of flaming colours
dance orange and yellow
through my soul’s innate yearnings
diffusing in me a magic
so alluring that
i long to eternally abide
in its magnificent womb!
Grainy night
Too smoggy
Must be a horror film
In a slight fright
I see your face
So glad!
We surround & converse
Then, I blast off
I had doubts
But he always saves the night
Runs with the cold wind
We settle & plop down
Were drowsy & overworked
Gentle & forthright
Softly talking
Time flies
This is so rare
What we have
Unlike the others
Were dazzling
Radiant stares around
I gracefully poke you
“Are you dozing off?”
“I’m taking it in…”
Don’t worry about me
The divine look
So and so
Its all tolerable
I see you
I know
One day
Someone will see me
Like I see you
Life is grand
Due to you
Billy Nov 2017
Come, quiet now
Feel it in the air
Listen to the whisper
Of the stars on the dark sky

Big stars, small stars, all bright
Shine as they do through the endless night
But the way you light up
Make the whole universe stop and stare

You find peace with the sunrays at day
But at night, when the darkness creeps in
Even the stars are jealous
Of the way you find comfort

A whole new galaxy is forming within you
Seems close, yet unreachable
You are way beyond a beautiful constellation
You are a stardust of the dazzling cosmos
Always Ally Jun 2016
Oh Moon, oh goddess;
why do you weep?
I know too well of your lonliness.
I know too well about the darkness that surrounds you.

Little light lingers from the end of a day.
The same light that approaches you.
It shuns you, pushes you away.

You believe nobody sees you, but
I know many who admire your
shimmery shine.
Plenty look to your silent beauty.

Oh how the stars are yours and nobody else's.
For they are just as dazzling;
yet you outshine them all.
The glimmer even at a glance of a sliver of you
is enough to allow a decadent sigh.
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