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Billy 6d
People celebrate today
A day of love, a day of joy
People profess and confess
A special time once every long year

I see people kiss
They snuggle and cuddle
They say ‘it’s a special day’
And say ‘i love you’

It makes me wonder
What about the other days
Do these souls wonder about each other
Do these souls dream of one another

The universe makes me feel so lucky
And today isn’t really that special to me
Because whenever I’m with you
Every day is a Valentine’s Day
Billy Nov 2019
Today i found out

Not only you are the person I want to live with

You are also the one I cannot live without

And for that I will never give up
Billy Nov 2019
I used to be the guy you’d run to
The guy who listened to all your stories
The guy who would make you laugh
Yea i used to be that guy

I know i am not anymore
I’m not the guy you would want to see
As soon as you land
I know i am not

The one who put a smile on your face
The one who sing you a song
The one you are dancing with in a dream
Yea that is not me

But it is all alright
I would just stand here
In the middle of your storm
‘Cause i know the sunshine will be worth it

Ten years from now
When you sit and stare at your black coffee
I just wish that the darkness
Will take you back to when our eyes met
Billy Nov 2019
There are things left unsaid
There are feelings left hanging
There are things I wish I knew
But there is nothing I would keep from you

To see you happy
Is what I seek in life
I just wish your smile
Would last an eternal lifetime

Now there might be a rainy day
Black skies, cold embrace
Chilly breath, frozen tears
And a void of where your existence used to be

I will live
Even if my heart stopped beating
I will die
When your heart start beating for someone else

The requiem of your love will stay forever
I will treasure it and make it my gold
I might still watch your pretty life from pictures afar
Or close my eyes and jump into the starless night instead
Billy Aug 2019
There she is
Sitting in the corner of her room
In the dark of the night
Staring into nothing

There he is
Broken as it sounds
In the dark of the night
His words empty

Two beautiful souls
Swimming in the void
Killing each other slowly
With love and affection

All he ever wants
To see his lover smile
All because of him
Not of the past

All she ever wants
To be happy as she ever be
But possible is not
Dragged by her past

They hang on to each other
Them against the whole universe
They are drowning, slowly
Anchored by their expectations

He was the most selfless being
She was the most carefree soul
Now they were no longer those
Only the cocoon of their former selves
A story of a sinking, unsalvagable relationship between a man and a woman with a mountain of expectation and a whole different world of reality. She had a past. He sees a future. They clashed, killing them slowly. Yet, none of them are willing to leave. They love each other too much, and are now holding on to their sinking ship
Billy Dec 2018
Let me tell you a story
Of the worst tragedy
When two people who loves each other so much
Yet things will still not work out

Loving you is an art
I might do it differently now
But the essence of it
Will never ever change

I will still wait for you
for i don’t want anyone else
I will never stop being the one
who always wants more of you

I’m still building dreams about you
and if i keep building, maybe
just maybe
our hearts will collide once again.
Billy Dec 2018
Some people are meant
To fall in love with each other
But never ever meant
To be together

Destined to meet
But not destined to be together
Destined to stay in our heart
But not in our life

If i’m being selfish
I would really like to think
That we are meant to be together
...just not meant to last
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