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I see you from across the room
I've known you for years
But I get this feeling inside
Like I just met you
And as I watch you
You slowly walk towards me
And my insides start to melt
As you get closer, our eyes lock
And I feel things I've never felt
You move me, make me wobble
Once your close enough to touch
I can't help but giggle
You put a finger to my lip
And I secretly smile to myself
Your fingertips move down my arm
Softly landing on my hip
You caress my face with a gentle touch
Then get closer until there's barely a breath between us
My knees go weak
This is all just too much
I sigh and lean in to your mouth
Your lips surround mine
Removing all my doubts
I can feel it in your kiss
And a sudden bliss overwhelms me
This electricity is too hot to miss
I go in hard, I can't help myself
My arms around your neck,
I feel you losing control of yourself
No holding back
I can't help but want for more
And in a flash
We're lying naked on the floor
Fingers, legs, hands and arms
We're completely intertwined
From our souls to our hearts
I feel love to depths divine
And there's no greater sensation
Than when your body finally enters mine
It's an overpowering friction
I'm surprised we're not engulfed in flames yet
These sparks are flying
I've never been hotter
The sweat starts dripping
We've never been wetter
The passions an electric surge
And my body's on fire
I fight the urge
Taking myself higher and higher
I'm lost in you
In your touch, in your eyes
And I'm surprised how unafraid I am
A guilty pleasure with no shame
We climb together as one
A game that we'll both win
Reaching peaks we never knew existed
Crying out in ecstasy
Again and again

I sigh...
And sleep
Cuddled in your arms
Heart and body
Safe from harm
For and Inspired by DaSH ❤
Tapping on the wall around your heart
          Trying to find a way in
You've built it tall and strong
And plastered
       it with
          your suffering
     To remember why it's there

Yet here I am,
        not knowing where to start
So I tap,
Hoping one day you'll hear me
Praying one day you'll open your heart
                     I want in
         I want to take your hurt
                 and make it mine
To share your pain
And find a way to make you see
This life your living
The infliction
         you've put
              upon yourself
You need not bare it alone

           Tell me your stories,
       Let me feel
              what you feel
You think you need to be a stone
But I want to know you to your core

So I'll tap,
Until I can see that diamond underneath
Not to break you
            or damage you
       Just to release you
               So you can finally

Seb Tha Guru Jan 2017
I was raised,
in the outdoors.
Next to you and her.
One man holding a hand gun.
While She was giving birth.
To a younger boy to be just like you,
we still wonder what that's worth.
I wonder if you ever knew you was a role model to me first.
Some days I'd wake up in the morning, to see you in papers and the news.
While I'm looking in the mirror realizing I've got everything to prove.
You'd tell me;
You'll have the torch after me,
just grind hard and do you.
Which is funny now because I would only see myself in the rear view.
Like a spotlight on my soul
You enhance me, make me feel whole
Brightening my world
My happiness your only goal

Because of you I'm finally seen, heard and recognized for the beauty that I didn't know was inside of me
Emotions I didn't even know I could feel have been blossoming throughout my body

This spotlight may have finally made everyone see, but it's what it's done to me
It's shown me you and that is a blessing
Just Melz Jan 2017
I can see that light,
      burning in your eyes.
        It burns brighter when I'm around
          and I know you're there
   by your hearts beating sound.
          Like luminescent drums,
     your light beats for me
   and your soul can be heard and seen.
         And **I can finally see everything.
When I call and you're too busy at work too answer

I just write a few lines and a couple rhymes
Just to pass the time
Cause you're always in my heart
And no matter how far apart
I know you'll forever be mine

That makes everything worthwhile
SummertimeLace Aug 2016
I sit there in silence
and glance...
But only if I dare!
because your presence alone
awakens every hair

What I wouldn't give
to flash you a smile
and be able to just sit
and converse with you awhile

back in reality
I'm still in my seat
breathing faster now
clamy hands tingling feet

close and open
go my eyes
is this real life!?
Why are mind and body
in such strife!!

you get up and leave
my soul sings a sigh
I should have said hello
wasn't ready for good bye
Just Melz Aug 2016
It's mesmerizing
How your eyes look into mine
It's radiating
This intense feeling of heat
Something I just can't define
It's solid ground to stand on
It's concrete

It will never waver
Never wander
Never want for anything new
This feeling is yours
And it's mine
Me and you, babe
We'll make it through
Hey babe
I promise you can sleep easy
Now that you're laying beside me
And even though this life can be hard
Please dream peacefully
Knowing that you'll forever be in my heart

I can barely remember a time before you
As soon as you waltzed in, my life became new
You changed me, I'm so much better
It ain't no life if we ain't together
All the laughs, smiles and deep conversations
Bring out the depth of all my inspirations
You inspire me, you put the breath in me
You by my side takes away the insanity

It seems that when you start at my fingertips
You can satisfy me with a gentle little kiss
And all those whispers of sweet nothings
Making me feel all sorts of somethings
I can feel the love just in your presence
Surrounded by happiness and acceptance

I just hope you can feel mine too
Cause this love I have for you?
It's more than words, more than poetry
More than an eternity, it's everything

On the collection of all of my life's work
Your face will be on the cover
Cause when I write? It's for you
And how you've changed me for the better

So sleep easy my prince,
And dream of my love
Cause having you by my side
Will always be enough
This is written for DaSH, it's our one year anniversary and I can't even begin to say in words how in love with him I am, but this is me trying.

I love you DaSH ❤
Just Melz Aug 2016
If the person you love
Is truly
Holding you up
Then there's no way
You could fall
For someone else
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