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Gavin Barnard May 2017
As a poet, an emotional wreck,
And a suicidal human being,
True love to me is
Forcing my hand through my ribs
And tearing my heart from my chest,
Settling it in your hands
And expecting you to keep me alive.
It might be slippery from all the blood, and its probably gonna start stinking cause of decomposition and maggots, but if you drop it its not going back in.

The worst part about three AM is that I'm hungry and I gotta be somewhere tomorrow. Finally evolving from a NEET into... Idek whats next.
Sharde' Fultz Mar 2017
Ill go Stacey Dash on you
Blastin you
Actin like my daddy ain't black
Attackin You
With these alternative facts
Hate the "fake news"
So I can fool wypipo into havin ME on they team
Low self esteem has made me green with envy for the machine
There's no in between
I don't support you
I hate your black support groups
Why don't you just pull YOURself up
By YOUR bootstraps while I deport you
Cause I'll resort to a white face
And paint my own race
As lame
My claim to fame
To the truth
I Maintain this
My lips stay lyin' through my tooths
I don't mind being their puppet
Long as they keep my noose loose

"As If" -Sharde' Fultz 3.2.17

— The End —