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Frannie Dec 2020
Two eyes in the mirror, looking back at me,
Forcing me to peer beyond what the eyes refuses to see.

Begging me to acknowledge what I’ve tried so hard to hide,
So it’s times to be brave and address the little girl inside.

It’s okay to be afraid, I know what you’re going through,
You don’t have to feel alone, I’ll take this journey with you.

I’m sorry for all the neglected cries you have tried to express,
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve ignored you, thinking that I know what’s best.

Forgive me for all the times when I’ve avoided you,
It’s just that acknowledging you is something I’ve tried hard not to do.

Forgive me for all the times I’ve refused to hold your hand,
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve left you sinking in quick sand.

You deserve to be loved and yet I just left you alone,
Please forgive me for abandoning you to survive on your own.

Forgive me for not showing you how to demand what you are worth,
I should have taught you about your value, you’ve been a queen since birth.
Talia Aug 2020
Simplicity holds my smile.
The present
ever worth my while.
Try give the globe
An optimistic spin
Because Hurt’s origin
is within.
Frannie Jun 2020
I fold, I bend, I stretch
But I don’t break.

I chip, I crack, I flake
But I don’t crumble.

I press, I squash, I scrunch
But I don’t split.

Yearning for burning

A kind of returning

Unlearning learning

To fix my own kerning

Churning adjourning

My rebirth I'm earning

— The End —