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cmp Oct 8
Boo gotcha Ooh gawd
The way ye play dead
Makes dying a survival skill
Rekt tish
cmp Oct 1
Ooh gawd through
mischief of God's
In God ye trust
Though ye gods
Don't believe in
cmp Sep 25
Ooh gawd
because it's quite easy
to breakup with money
than to walk away from money
I'm financially embarrassed again
Cash hype
cmp Sep 14
Ooh gawd be it bliss time or otherwise
Ye long for or towards
Forget not to often foolishly or recklessly
ye sought to acquire longing via disregard that inevitable result of awaited indulgence be not designed to be kept.
Eon one eve
cmp Sep 3
Savior whom ha ha
Ye ignorant out number ye meek
though not ye village idiots
Eon net
cmp Aug 30
What ye say me recluse
Hence ye perturb
Ye At least should try
before ye label and disturd
To show some kindness
by kissing my quiet hole
cmp Aug 18
via destined
script of life
ye diminish
vessel intricacy
yet still ye strive

as just is not
know more
than ye era
may forget
to thrive

hence prior to dusk
await not next dawn
as if there exist truth
toward hopeful prediction
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