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Badshah Khan Mar 1
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) - 63

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

The Life, its kindof a board game,
Ultimate victory and imminent defeat
Are equal to both key players.

Good actions and bad deeds
Both stay morally a key player
May be differing but both are equal.

One who acts smartly he instantly wins
One who doesn't he looses, at the distinct end;
Both stay in same board!

Allah Khair..... Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab - Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
MJL Feb 20
Money gone
House gone
Race car lost
Dog’s run away
Only one railway ‘n one hotel left
No electricity
No lights
No instructions
Not enough time
No connection
Middle America
Lost on vacation
lowkeymorns Jan 30
I could do this
I should try that!
I contemplate
over complicate 
Collect my thoughts,
They congregate,
A few debate,
They're all at once
They're all at once 
Can't keep their pace
I Give up the chase
Sorry, lost my place
Or should I say,
My minds misplaced.
Can't gain no motivation 
Thoughts gone rotten,
growing from impatients
That's no exaggeration
Procrastination's forced its own invasion,
Imagination is overtaking 
Now I'm Just a shell of words,
Seeking some validation
she is
a dart
with crafty
that surfs
the pipes
by their
wave's crack  
if she
enjoys her
drag and
fulfills dream
that sports
her next
bikini but
on beach
baits her
seam well
a sufher by the sea
Poetic T Mar 2018
I found chalk on the holding
of sky shimmers, then I composed  
on the blank spaces that where
echoes of what was drawn in
memories of yesterdays dreams.

Barren slate needed the imagination,
woven between fingers streaming
across an arborealis of creativity.
I am the drawer of dreams that
were colourless and now fill a void.

I outlined the slumbering's  of what were
just blank smudges. Now revitalized,
I'm within this moment, a collage of
colourful wishes that I created before I
look smiling, tomorrows imaginings drawn again.
Dreams are drawn before there seen
Em MacKenzie Aug 2017
You said you wanted to play a round of Sorry,
but that you didn't know the game,
instead you used Pictionary to draw for me,
but every scribbled messaged looked the same.

You said you related to Snakes and Ladders,
I guess because you like to go up and down.
You hope that I fall off and my leg shatters,
and the snakes eat me on the ground.

So go on and roll the dice, pretend to take a chance,
so go on and play nice, I know you've mastered that dance.
We don't need anyone else to play,
the two of us can share the blame.
So what do you say? Let's play another board game.

You suggested next Monopoly, your greed would help you win,
I think you just wanted to beat me, then wanted to rub it in.
I asked if you liked Risk, though strategy was never my strength,
your "no" came out very brisk, you never liked games of length.

You said you would love a round of Battleship,
I guess so you could shoot and bring me down,
watching me sink within my crypt,
right until I reached the ground.

So go on and roll the dice, pretend to take a chance,
we can play the same one twice, you'll keep your winning stance.
We can do it all your way, rules can keep things too tame,
so what do you say? Let's play another board game.

As a child your favourite game was Trouble,
but not because you're a living cliche,
you claim you liked to pop the bubble,
hoping each time it would break away.
A social milieu nigh Zipper Beach
And surfing early morning, she's looking for her board.
A test of hers only to wipe out again only miss.   So hang ten my good friend!
In Cabo San Lucas but she's full tilt there shall grant a beaker again and again. Ole
A surfing rally
August Mar 2016
What piece to move next!
Contemplating if I should pick the short route or
the longer, more rewarding one
Twisting into the middle of the board
Where the candy castle lies

About to wave the white flag
But so close to the freedom
The castles right there!
Look at the kids - this game frees them

Laughing without thought
Smiling without pain
So sweet for the time
Too lethal to stay

After much thought
I throw my hands up and say
"I surrender"
Lovey Jul 2015
Its just as a piece of art.
We all write and show our selves on pieces of artwork.
Our art work is writing.
We put words down to  show people our feelings.
We put our words down to make someone smile.
We put our words down to make someone fall in love.
Our words are our thoughts.
Our thoughts become into pieces of artwork.
Our thoughts that seem trapped inside we write out into words.
Our feelings turn into pieces of writings that make people cry, smile,feel your pain, or feel your love,your happiness, or your tears.
Writing is as taking a paint brush.
Our colors are letters on a board.
We take our brush.
And we brush across our canvas.
And we come with beautiful inspiring writings.
With every writing is inspiration to write more or of some type.
Writing is wondrous.
Its a relief of a way to escape your reality and turn to your diary of secrets.
Writing is one of the best ways to know someone just by their simple sentence.
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