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I lost you...

Yet I love you, like fire that burns uncontrollably I want you still.

You,;.  My greatest inspiration
I see greatness in your eyes, so who am I to stand in your way

Who am I to claim what I have not earned.
You my greatest friend, our love story is one for the ages; the heavens and black pits whisper of the wonders we could accomplish and yet...

And yet
Not yet
But when

I found myself asking is it real or is it a moment; for I had been through the stormy weather, slept on the burning floors of hell and now this 300g Cone is ash, blackening the light;

My light
All is clouded
My greatest friend
My love untested

I set you free before you could be caged
And now
   An now
      n now

I lost you
In the end, I have loved and I have been loved and that is enough.

I miss you buddy
Rex Verum Regem Sep 2020
In cake the light  

A southern star
Rough Yet bright
Twinkles of dreams yet untold
What an unexpected sight like a full blood moon calling to something deeper more primal such vigueur
Such tenacity
An allure creature
you bring to life uncertainty with mystery in an unusual fashion
In should I am mesmerised
Left in awe

Steer deep and gaze brazenly into eyes of Gold
Skin soft to the touch
Pressures pearl
            Such Clarity
        Such Ope..
    Such Lo..
Such ..
Rex Verum Regem Feb 2020
There is nothing that shines brighter than you
with the force of 100 exploding stars ✨
your smile:
                    • soft
                             • infectious
                                                 • untameable
sends one to the deepest layers of the abyss with
Nothing but the moment
You must believe
Rex Verum Regem Sep 2019
Shadows on the grass
Tails untold
Music in the clouds

I lost something close to me
Most go an eternity and never come close to its warm embrace
I felt it’s lips
Caressed it’s skin
And with every kiss t'avais promis
With every smile t'avais promis
Every tier t'avais promis
You were mine
You were uncompromising
Sharp and precise in what you wanted
And I like a babe dove trying to fly
Blowing up a storm

But age is like time is fleeting
what stands true is always within grasp
time waits for no man and age cares not for your level of wisdom.

Be the man
Be a man
Are you a man

It will not wait for you to understand the value of her
It will not converse on your behalf to turn back time.
Get it right the first time
Try hard
Try harder
Try even harder

sweet yet better
True yet fickle
Has no mercy for those who cannot be true
Not willing to embrace her with both arms
She will scorn you for your misdeeds
You are in training
And at some point you’ll get a second chance
don’t let it go
stick to the Promise, t'avais promis
Don’t let its eternal warmth fade
be true.

BFFF ***
She was perfect
I was flawed
We were great
A life untold
Rex Verum Regem Jun 2019
I am one, who lives by one
I am one, who rose up as one
I am one, who fell as one


We are many, who live as one
We are many, who rose as one
We are many, an so we still rise

I am my brothers keeper.
A wise man learns from others mistakes.
A fool learns from his own.

Humility allows us to develop and grow in leaps annd bound.
Rex Verum Regem Sep 2018
Is not everyday we say we want to live forever expecting things to stay constant in the moment of bliss that made you want to be immortal.

living forever; never dying or decaying.
an immortal being, especially a god of ancient Greece or Rome.

So which is it, do you wish to be ever constant and involved in all history, future and beyond
Do you see yourself as above the mortal realm does the complexity of the multiverse bore you, are you already proclaimed above all others.
Are you he who shall not be named
Are you mother to the earth
Are you GOD!!!!
for off so then everyday is everyday for one who knows all days,

Rex Verum Regem
Rex Verum Regem Aug 2018

This is an obvious one, seeing you is all I need to make a bad day good
This is an obvious one yet you still do not know.

If we were a cookie you would be the chocolate chip goodness that bring absolute bliss as it melts.
This’s is an obvious one yet you do not know,
Words I should have spoken sooner; like the first roses are red on an awkward date or the first song sang to impress, true that violets are blue

This should be obvious I cherish every moment like it’s my last because seeing you smile, is a commodity, one only a few may enjoy.

Stars twinkle and cows may jump over the moon but you smile and I’ll smile too.
This should be obvious.

Rex Verum Regem
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