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There once was a man without job,
Who frankly was quite the heartthrob.
He wrote rhymes quite good,
Reverse syntax could,
So why does he yet have no job.
I see the students looking at me as I teach
I see their bored, dull faces
I see anxiety, and the deep, passionate boredom of angsty teens
I hear them behind me as I write on the board for them to learn

About Walt, about list-poems, and life, you see
They are whispering and think I do not hear
True story
Mortality is surprising as it should be.
That you should die is not implied by life
Or pain. There is a sweater hanging in his closet.
If one were to look closely at the
                       neck the thread begins un
                       raveling the
                       re. No one will
                       she s
                       d. But it is his sweater and he noticed.
But it is only a sweater and really no one will notice.
It isn't what they look for.
When my first girlfriend broke up with me,
she was as cold as Ben & Jerry's. (Yes, the ice cream.)

The message her digital pigeon did carry?
"I've Ben with Jerry."
follow up poem:
"I Got a Frosty at Wendy's"

It melted all away
Nothing cold can stay
my first girlfriend broke up with me

was as cold as

the very vacuum of space
she said

                that I ****.
When my first
girlfriend broke
up with me
                                     she was as
                                     cold as
                                     air conditioning on a bald man's head

                                                                             she said
                                                                             We can cover it up
                                                                             But the truth remains
Atheists who believe in evolution
For example, evolution
Satan worship
For example, Darwin

My neighbor Will
Who manipulated me into bad Pokemon trades
Witchcraft, for example, Atheism
Women’s sexualized Halloween costumes

Sexualized women, for example bikinis
Cussing, which is prostitution of the spirit
*** with someone other than your spouse
*** before marriage
Pictures of ***
The word “****”

The Ancient Greeks, who rejected Jesus
The Ancient Romans, who rejected Jesus
The Ancient Jews who rejected Jesus
(The **** Pharisees who rejected Jesus via ******)
The Ancient Samaritans, who rejected Jesus
Except one; that guy’s all good

The Ancient Babylonians, who would’ve rejected Jesus
Marrying a non-Christian
Helping your Atheist spouse to cuss or ******
Not forgiving someone
Gollum, for several reasons

Not praying
Praying to Mary
Praying to Allah
Praying to Baal
Child sacrifice
Saying  “Just water please” but then getting pop

Bill Clinton, who did all that

— The End —