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Maeve Jan 12
I want you
To leave me
Sweet nothings
In the pockets of my cardigan
She did leave a note, but when you lead a horse to water, there's a 50/50 chance that it's going to drink
Kirsty Taylor Apr 2021
Boil the kettle.
Look out the window,                                  
To a world full of golden hues.

Red, Orange, Beige,
The crisp sound of leaves crunching,
as you feel the frosty wind hits your face.

The cosy cream cardigan,
you bought at a car boot sale.
It has arrived,
the time of nights in by the fire.
Endless cups of tea and walks in the rain.
Janani Arunkumar Jul 2020
Can I be your old cardigan?
holding your scent,
your sweetest memories?

Can I be your cardigan?
the one you'd ditch
cool clothes for?

Can I be your cardigan?
The one who keeps that you warm,
even when the world keeps moving on?

Will you let me be that old cardigan of yours,
part of your unchangeable past
The solace, you keep asking for?
Oka Apr 2020
Skinny jeans, black cardi
Iphone 8 with that cracked screen
Eyebags from assignments overdue
Longing for a natural view
Outside the screens and books too
I need to ask "How do you do?"
First time using modern refrences really
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2020
The devil walked into a store
Eying the clearance rack.
He made eye contact with the cashier
Walking towards the half priced jackets
Flannels & boots.

At that moment he saw something that
became his whole world.

His fingers wild with excitement
passing through all the colors
The hangers clanging against metal feverishly
to find that they didn't have his size.
He thumbed back through the sizes
as though something would have changed
Checking then double checking.

He asked the cashier if they had anymore
in the back,
much to his dismay
to receive the same answer.

He saw a cardigan in his size but hated the way
it looked.

Flapping the hood up and down.
He circled the store
Looking up & down the isles.

Until he noticed the buttons.
Those big wooden buttons
Memories of a different time & place
How fast time slips away.

All that's left;
Shoes to match
Mortality is surprising as it should be.
That you should die is not implied by life
Or pain. There is a sweater hanging in his closet.
If one were to look closely at the
                       neck the thread begins un
                       raveling the
                       re. No one will
                       she s
                       d. But it is his sweater and he noticed.
But it is only a sweater and really no one will notice.
It isn't what they look for.
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