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Vishal Pant Nov 11
Never was a girl so pretty
You should see her through my eyes
Vishal Pant Nov 10
Today's my last day
I've been informed by the scythe wielder
Every human born must be taken away
If it's up or down,conclusion is the final offer

Life seems so much simpler now
Like reaching the end of a river
All the ebbs and flows, a viewer's window
Seems so beautiful now,flowing water

A day is too less
Everyone says the same, says the dark visitor
I'm stuck with all these goodbyes
An eternal hug for my mother
Are all I want for my last day
Imagine your last day on this earth, seems scary :(
Vishal Pant Nov 2
Out of  unexpected chaos
Blooms the most beautiful occurrences.
#random #short
Vishal Pant Jun 28
But still colorful
It's important to keep going on, you're still colorful.
Vishal Pant Jun 24
How many words have we exchanged

Still seems few to me

Did I tell you what happened last week

Oh I did, what will I say now

How many hours have we spoken

Still we can do better

Will you ever tell me what happened last week

Oh you'll call me later

Yeah, let's speak later then







Vishal Pant Jun 12
Yes I want to talk to you

When, everytime of my day

Can we have our own place

Where it's just us two

You say something stupid

I'll laugh, you'll laugh

I don't want it to end

Could it be like this, always

I know it'll end soon

Till then yes I want to talk to you
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