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Brandon Jan 2017
Set I: Brandon}
Flock of birds
Hovering above
Just a flock of birds
It's how you think of love
Crying throughout the night
Anxiety in the night
If I could be with you
I'd be your shining light
It seems hopeless
Never give up
I promise I'll wait
Look up at the sky
Reminisce me up high

{Set II: Brandon}
Ride through the pain
Without it, there's nothing to gain
If it takes days, weeks, or a month
Let it be known I never front
You've brought these tears down my face
What a natural rarity
Mingh Mingh and Khloe miss you
Like a cat in a window waiting on the owner
I'm just waiting to see your shining presence
Please light up the darkness
I'm on the road, but where are you?
Shall I wait? Can I contemplate?
This isn't how our story ends
On Monday, I waited on you
Waiting for that smile to light up my atmosphere
I didn't see you; darkness stayed stagnant today
But hopefully tomorrow will be different
I'm waiting for sadness to walk away
But you told me to be strong
Hold me, comfort me, wipe the tears away
Maybe one day I can fly with you
Until then, I gaze at my clipped wings.
I wrote this two December's ago when I went through a tragic heartbreak. In your darkest hour, remember that you have a flame that can still burn bright. Let it ignite.
Isabelle Oct 2016
Call it magic
Call it true
Call it magic
When I'm with you
And I just got broken
Broken into two
Still I call it magic
When I'm next to you
Magic by Coldplay. Very lovely song :))
b e mccomb Aug 2016
(i'm 42% sure
i don't exist.)

intensely greased
plastic hair
secondhand green day
coldplay in the rain

i love the sound
that waxed paper
deli sheets make
and i could choke
on a glassed reflection
of celery salts and windex.

(i'm 42% sure
i don't exist
because when i look into
my eyes i see someone else)

i'm not catholic
and do not
understand who
st. peter is

but i wonder if he won't let
us into heaven because we're
failures or if we're failures
because he won't let us into heaven

(i'm 42% sure
i don't exist
and questioning how
bad hell can really be.)

too quiet for a saturday
i wrote the word
decaf so many times i
forgot how to spell it


(does decaf
have two f's?
because i don't have
two f's to give anymore
i mean i would but
i can't even find
vowels much less
extra consonants)

when i was a child
i always counted in
now that i'm older i
find myself counting in

i dreamed my
legs were bleeding
and i remembered
that they're not

i want so badly
just to sleep in
a bag of crystallized
ginger and swim
in a mixing bowl of
tasteless tea.

(i can't tell what's
real anymore
but i'm 42%
sure that i am not.)
Copyright 8/6/16 by B. E. McComb
Brandon Feb 2016
If we only have this life, you get me through
Never met many so genuine; only a few
If we've only got this life
Then this adventure oh then I
Shall share it with you for your amenities
Your heart in mine is the ultimate proximity
She's endured my pain for so long
She's a never ending loop of your favorite song

{Set II: Brandon}
Even if our hymns fall flat
The fact that I saved her from splat
I made her believe again
Even then I can be that ultimate friend
She needed to know genuine still exists
Her smile brings back dreams I reminisce
You want an MVP in your relationship
To help patch the ship and sail for companionship

Crystal is the pearl
Sent to me as a guide
Easy to tell what I confide
The Emerald Girl
Yung Wifey Apr 2015
look at the stars
look how they shine for you
JB Mar 2015
It's 1:45 AM

I'll write a poem for you. I don't know what it's about.

Maybe it's about something that happened to me recently.
Maybe it's a reflection on a weird habit I need to change
Like taking an eight-hour nap after work (why?)

Or maybe it's just to fill in the blanks of my mind
That I know will end up being used in a little bit
For "Computer Love"

Kraftwerk released it in 1981.
Before **** sites and YouTube videos of girls kissing.
Coldplay used the same melody for a 2005 song, "Talk".
(Class it up, Chris Martin.)

Now my little observation is done.
And I can make a rendezvous with the Internet
A data date.
Lani Foronda Sep 2014
They said we wouldn’t make it
Said we should give up
Before we gave in
But no one knows
No one can see
How much you mean to me
I didn’t think we’d make it this far
This race we’re running
Seems so long
But I know we’ll get there
One day
We’ll look back
And laugh at everyone who said it couldn’t be done
That we were just a hit and run
But with your fingers intertwined with mine
I know we can make it
Cause it’s us against the world
June 25, 2012
ln Jul 2014
In a night as dead as this
In a night quieter than a funeral

Your words shuffle through my head
Like an iPod on repeat

Your promises flash through my mind
Like a broken traffic light

I remember your scent so vividly
I remember your smile so well
I remember your jokes
I remember your happiness

I remember knowing you

Cause you're a sky, full of stars
ln Jun 2014
But if you never try,
You will never know.

— The End —