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LInk kangas Mar 2020
He ran like a knight
In Shining armor
As he hits
The wind
With his pouncing legs
He runs like a cheetah
Running for a gazelle
But sometimes
My dog rolls over
And becomes as
Playful as a baby
With a lot of
Candy in its belly
I know that a lot of people are in  quarantine and just think about how much good it is for the pets
PM Aug 2018
A split second is all it takes,
to end life and its happiness -
however much it makes.

Be careful on the road,
for every road does not take you to your destination.

Speed is an enemy,
as much as it is a friend.
At times an angel,
at times a fiend.

Make sure you don't fall off the track earlier than you have too.

Ensure your life flashes with happiness - not in a split second before your eyes.
Be careful on the road, your life is tied with many others...
Brandon Jan 2017
Set I: Brandon}
Flock of birds
Hovering above
Just a flock of birds
It's how you think of love
Crying throughout the night
Anxiety in the night
If I could be with you
I'd be your shining light
It seems hopeless
Never give up
I promise I'll wait
Look up at the sky
Reminisce me up high

{Set II: Brandon}
Ride through the pain
Without it, there's nothing to gain
If it takes days, weeks, or a month
Let it be known I never front
You've brought these tears down my face
What a natural rarity
Mingh Mingh and Khloe miss you
Like a cat in a window waiting on the owner
I'm just waiting to see your shining presence
Please light up the darkness
I'm on the road, but where are you?
Shall I wait? Can I contemplate?
This isn't how our story ends
On Monday, I waited on you
Waiting for that smile to light up my atmosphere
I didn't see you; darkness stayed stagnant today
But hopefully tomorrow will be different
I'm waiting for sadness to walk away
But you told me to be strong
Hold me, comfort me, wipe the tears away
Maybe one day I can fly with you
Until then, I gaze at my clipped wings.
I wrote this two December's ago when I went through a tragic heartbreak. In your darkest hour, remember that you have a flame that can still burn bright. Let it ignite.

— The End —