Round & round
In circles I go
An Endless cycle
That finally was gone.

After that,
What is there left,
Just an empty bottle.

A few dropplets,
Are only left,
Remaims of what was,
And no clue of what will be.

Tiffany Scicluna Mar 2017

Oh a kiss
What a bliss
It is something
I ought to miss
Such a mess
I ought to be
Into an abyss
I fall with thee

Tiffany Scicluna Jan 2017

In a moment of an act,
A cruel memory fogged my sight,
As my acting started to fade
My past emotions started to crawl out,
I started walking and trembling,
My eyes wide open,
I did not always see what was in front of me,
My past came back to reality
and mixed up with the act.
It fucked me up completely,
causing me to not breath
Panic took over,
And tears made their way out,
When they asked what happened,
No words could come out,
I only blutterd out bits of words,
With no meaning to their ears.
As out of fear I couldn't speak a word,
Until I was calmed down with another one's touch.

Tiffany Scicluna Jan 2017

My imagination,
Is a mishap
Of my own creation.

Due to it,
I tend to lose myself in thoughts,
And forget about reality,

As in dreams,
I can create my happiness,
To escape the cruel reality.

Tiffany Scicluna Jan 2017

A connection
Between two,
That lifts your soul,
Like a feather,
Flowing upwards slowly,
And as if that feather,
Was blown your way,
To find your lips
Merely touching them,
Leaving you with its soft touch,
Like a sweet gentle caress...
That takes away
All life's weight,
As tears go down your face,
Each one relieving you
From your own pain,
From the guilt
Of your own creation.
Just to be left falling,
Into someone's arms
Hoping for that, to mend your heart.

Inspired by:
Tiffany Scicluna Dec 2016

A heart lost,
Battles half won,
Injured souls,
Lifeless bodies
Pilling up...
Blood shed,
Watery eyes,
Till all that's left, is
Sobbig for the dead

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