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Zay Dec 2021
Baba tucks me into bed & I ask him to read me a story.
He tells me tales of foxes & rabbits,
Each one ending in glory.
I dream of baby bunnies with cotton tails & cottage houses,
Sneaky wolves with evil plans,
Being deceived by mouses.

Baba tucks me into bed & kisses my forehead goodnight.
We exchange our “I Love You’s” as he turns off the light.
I dream of my new school & wonder if the kids will like me,
Maybe if I pretend to be sick, Baba won’t have to take me.

I yell out to Baba “goodnight!” before closing my room door.
His footsteps keep me up at night,
Till 2 am, 3 am, 4…
I want to tell him that I’m concerned for his health,
That I love him & so much more.

I tuck Baba into bed & kiss his forehead goodnight,
Telling him tales of better days, before turning off the light…
Dedicated to my father, as we continue to watch each other grow.
Zay Aug 2015
You never fail to put a smile on my face
And when I'm next to you
I wouldn't wanna be in another place
I know you think that I don't know what I'm saying
But just know that I mean it, and I'm not playing

You make my stomach flip, like a roller coaster that'll never drop
And every time we kiss, its like we're making time stop

Those big, goofy ears
That **** side smile
It's everything about you
Your walk, your talk, your style

Those morning texts with a bunch of hearts
Couldn't think of a better way for my day to start

I'm down for you, but are you down to ride?
Just say the word, and I'll be the Bonnie to your Clyde
I want you to be here, right by my side
Cuz that's the only place where I don't have to hide

The way you turn me on with the simple things you do
And the happiness you've given me
If only you knew...
And it scares me cuz it all seems too good to be true
But it's all worth it every time you call me your boo

I never thought I could admit it
But I really just want you...♥
Thank you, for opening my eyes to the beauty that this world has to offer.
  Jun 2015 Zay
linda ann hall
I love, regardless
Loving feels complete and not to love feels empty
Joy is a place to be surmounted, not by the faint of heart
Caring is an action, that depletes all sources of glycogen and various energy sugars
It makes me and you strong
Do not give up use your energy stores
  Jun 2015 Zay
Ignatius Hosiana
Much as the Second hand promised
To see the minute hand in 60 seconds
The minute, the hour hand in 60 minutes
And the hour to see the day in 24 hours
And the day to see the week in 7 days
And the week in four to see the month
The month to see the year in a dozen
Which year swore to the decade in a Ten
And the Decade told Century to wait for a percentile
Much as the dawn promised to come again
And the Tears to camouflage in the rain
Much as the road promised to never end
And waves dared shake our love my friend
Much as watered Roses promised to bloom
And your smile to outshine all the gloom
Much as eternity is never assured
And no broken heart completely cured
Much as weather holds the unreliable tone
And world believes nothing's cast to stone
Much as the roosters promise to always crow
And the king of the jungle to loudest roar
None ordered my heart to make you mine
No day ever promised the moon will shine
But my feelings as tall and strong as the pine
Will never be averted but probably thine
Zay Jun 2015
I hate* how easily you can make me smile
And I hate how it only lasts for a while
I hate the warm feeling that invades my heart
Every time you take something simple and turn it into art
For seeing through your eyes was a privilege from the start

I hate how I laugh at every joke you say
And the loneliness that kills me whenever you're away

I hate how easily you climbed over the wall that I spent years to make
And I hate how your crooked smile has left my heart to ache

I hate the dreams that I dream for us
And how they'll never come true
And I hate how I can never be able to share any of them
With you

I hate how you bring out a new side of me
The way you make me feel
So young, wild, and free

I hate how I get excited over the simplest "hello"
And I hate that I love you...
Cuz I gotta let you go.
"Sometimes you have to break your own heart to set yourself free."
Zay Apr 2015
If I had a dollar for every time I saw Mama cry
I wouldn't be asking you for money all the time
And you lived your whole life with a bunch of lies
And I stay up late at night
Praying that you'd come home to apologize
But then I realize
Why should I even care?
It's hard to imagine that you were ever there
Cuz you've been gone for so long
And what you did to us was so wrong
Long nights waiting by the phone
In hopes that you would come back home
And the next day the doorbell finally rang
I open it only to find you wearing a wedding ring
Thanks for the invite
A wedding photo without your own family
What a sight
And what a fight
Well, what did you expect?
That we'd take you in our arms
Like your decisions were correct?
Kinda hard to keep positive
With your constant disrespect
Drilling holes behind our back
I guess now the ship is wrecked
And how will we keep sailing
When the captain ain't even on deck?
And yeah...
Sure you got everything you need
But no matter how much you beg and plead
You can never be forgiven
For the pain Mama has been in
Why can't you stop for once and listen?
Listen to the sorrow she hides inside
Do you hear it?
Cuz I hear it every night
When you left, you took a piece of our hearts
And now it's tearing us all apart
I wish I could rewind right to the start
When there wasn't an emptiness in your room
When I'd look at the clock and know you're coming home soon
Do I hate you for all that you've done?
How could I...when you're my mothers son?
So I guess I have to love you
But right now,
I don't even know you.
Sometimes blood isn't thicker than water and family will betray you quicker than a stranger.
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