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Shruti Dadhich Aug 2019
Kitne din hue,
Khud se nhi mulakat hui;
Khamoshi ki chader odhe pta hi nhi chala,
Kb subha se raat hui;
In ulzi ulzi julfo ko sulzaye,
Kitne din beete;
In aankho ki kahaniyo me dube,
Jaane kitne hafte beete;
Kitne din hue,
In tute sapno ko seete!
Arsa hua,
Khud k haal chal puche,
Uf! Kitne din hue,
Is duniya me kho se hye hai hum,
Khud ko kahi bhula sa diya,
Bs zindagi me ye hi h ek gam...
- $D
I won't regret for loosing anything or anyone in my life, but the thing I regret the most is loosing myself in the crowd of this fake world!
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2019
When my stars had decided not to spark,
& my moon had also hidden somewhere;
When the lights had left mine world in deep dark,
& I really needed somebody there,
I found my so called lovers nowhere...
So Honey,
Will you stop your lies,
Cause I know I'll never ever find you by my darkest sides...
- $D
Fake people, fake promises, & fake world!
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2019
At first,
Meeting someone like that he found scary,
But looking at her half face, especially those red shiny lips peeping from a black umbrella,
He found her a black dressed fairy!
She bent her back towards his right & rubbing her frozen fingers on his right cheek she wiped his tear!
She than came as closer as she could to his right ear,
Said in the sweetest voice he ever heard,
"Gentleman you look tired & wet;
Come to my place & have some rest!"
His eyes shaded no more tear,
Now he forgot all his fears,
& looked at her!
Falling till her waist she had dusky hair,
Curly at the ends!
As she shook her head or blowed the cold air,
They moved like snake,
Ah! With her every move she gave him a heartache!
She had deepest curves he had ever seen!
Oh, to hold her, he was so keen!
He looked at her down to upside,
With his not so experienced eyes,
& bit his lower lip in delight!
She walked lost in her own self,
Oh God to herself he was now confound!
But she walked creating curves on the ground,
Like a snake,
A snake he would like to stop,
& get deliberately poisoned by her,
"But how could her poison win over Jane's elixir?"
He was confused,
& to look at her, she have him an another excuse...
& here is the part II...
Hope you guys may like it!
Shruti Dadhich Jun 2019
The sun had left the world dark,
& that day on his sky no star did spark!
His moon, his Jane had gone,
Now he was left all alone...
Dark bellied clouds captured the sky,
But all he knew was Jane left him saying,
"To call me now, you don't even try!"
He was going to catch a train,
But in way cats & dogs started to rain!
The rain drops were heavier,
But not heavier than his heaviest tears, filled up with uncertainty & fear!
He kept of going in some known, unknown streets lost in Jane's thought,
& finally he reached at a point where there was nothing, else than a board symbolizing to the right,
"The Cursed Port"!
Reading the board, he sadly smiled & said,
"Nothing can be much more cursed than my life..."
Without bothering much he went to the port's side,
& sat on the platform aside!
The waves rose like the hungry sharks,
to eat up those dark bellied clouds,
& the angry clouds attacked back with the thunder, the lightning, & those heavy drops!
All the warriors gave the loud shouts!
But unaware of all these he was filled up with doubts!
Nobody knows who won the war,
& all knew was that the love of his life had gone far...
Suddenly in his right ear, he heard a soft whisper,
Before he could understand it, he felt a feathery soft touch on his right shoulder;
Swiftly did he turn,
& by his side found a beautiful maiden!
I feel beauty in terror!:-)
Will give the second part soon!:-)
Shruti Dadhich May 2019
A pair of deep eyes,
Leaves me in utter surprise!
For a moment they will reveal everything out,
& in the next will hide everything in the curtains of shies...

A pair of sharp eyes,
Doesn't know how to tell lies!
They attacks my tender heart,
When being collided with that of mine!
Trust me, they change their colour a bit,
Just like the magical ones,
& how perfectly would they fit,
When looked upon mine!

A pair of my perfect eyes,
Who has stolen my heart,
Lies sonewhere far beyond the skies...
Something after a long interval if exams...
Shruti Dadhich Feb 2019
The sky may come out of the blanket of clouds,
& all the intellectuals of this world may become louts;
In opposite direction may these rivers flow,
& these winds may stop to blow;
The love deep inside my chest,
Which you did enhance,
Oh the Prince of Preetiest Charms,
will never change...
My Prince of Preetiest Charms is MOON!!!:-)
Shruti Dadhich Feb 2019
I tried to escape,
I tried to fled,
But nothing in my control I had!
My heart denied,
But all my senses intoxicated,
In your liquor!
I took steps bit-by-bit,
To be your!
Like a fish,
moving in the depths of life's sea,
Got stuck in the waves,
& is moving  out to the death's  peaceful shore without her wish...
& now that you're just a step far,
I have found you the brightest star,
Brighter than the success' Sun,
Brighter than any lively fun!

So hearby I declare myself your prisoner of yours,
Oh Princess of Charms!
Cause leaving as small thing as breathe to get you,
has no harms...
Death may sound fearful from far, but trust it's real Princess of Charms!!! I think it needs more improvement, & so please give me your valuable suggestions in comments!!!
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