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JAATC Jan 2021
A smile so bright, make the sun take Yeshe's advice
And check up on its mental, jealously dimmin its light
Same time subtle, as I walk gently in righteousness
Face lookin serious but on the inside I feel so delightful
Conceptually analytic diggin up every root to decipher
*** I polluted as sky due to attachment and desire
And I is non-self existent and I am this mind and body
So I choose to practice dharma til I rest upon peace and enlightenment
And transform my karma, til my debt, is annihilated
And I reach liberation
No time to pause doe, through breaths I strive with a restless aspiration
Til every being is emancipated
From self-*******, delusion and ignorance, all the aggregates
And we all can rejoice in happiness
And salvation
And until we make it
My duty here, on this earth, will always be awaitin
But I ain't troubled *** I fit the placement
Like a center piece on a table I'm centered, focus and able
Tell da world we gon be straight like 180
JAATC Oct 2020
Opening and softening of the heart
Warming the smile and the upward palm
On compassion and wisdom the phoenix soars

A feather's drift
A breeze's kiss
Grace's gift

A righteous path
Creative Nature
A mirror
A reflection

A prayer
Om shanti, shanti om
Atma ki prashanti
Peacefulness of the Self



Is it simple enough yet?
JAATC Oct 2020
Uninherently existent and interdependent
A subject's nature is objectivity
Realizing emptiness
Non-doing like fluid taking shape
Desireless volition, pure you can say
In proximity to emanated primordial material
Rays of the Original?

All implemented by mind.

Forms as subtle as ideas
Every idea being,
An electromagnetic field of
Fire and air
Water and earth and ether
A true mage's manipulation
A seed's potential
Hope this aint too metaphysical

All implemented by mind.
All implemented by mind.

Self-grasping ego
Attached to the ever passing
To touch a state where there's no duality
No up or down or here or there
Some call it the true self
Whose nature is omnipresent

All implemented by mind.

Pushing explanation to its extent
Exhausting all conditions, preconceptions and intuition
Nothing to do
Except rest in Presence

All implemented by mind.
JAATC Oct 2020
Guard your passions,
And watch your motives
Those ethers always open
And those dark serpents
Be slithering through the grasses
Of your aggregates,
Attached like magnets
Tell me how skillful is your magic?
That static don't cling
To the golden fleece of a master
Moods influenced by I,
So every move made in rapture
Reside in Sukavati,
Calm abiding
In Three Principle Aspects
Renunciation, Bodhichitta, Shunyata
Made actual
Tactical and tactful
While open to spontaneous
A warrior
For peace love and happiness
JAATC Oct 2020
Unbearably fortunate
Centered in an Awareness
That's ever growing less and less subtle
As gross and form are dissolving,
Feeling like less of a substance
As my Lord,
Bestows mercy
And I manifest
Raganuga Bhakti,
I serve
Content and compliant
The Now is the Mystery
Magic is the ultimate science
Beyond reliance
Beyond refuge,
The ultimate surrender
The bow of transcendence
Has long ago been flexed,
And these moods here...
Under the shade of a tree in Vrndavan's center
Shouting praises
How I yearn,
For my Dear Krsna
JAATC Oct 2020
Take a deep
Breath of the Fragrance
Whose vibe is light
And the wavelength of the cooling breath
Is the matrix
Of a swimming pool
That I'm just a wave in
But with Shaktipat
I'm awakened
As sahasrar blossoms gracefully
Reveling in its radiance
Still I contemplate in the shade of it
As shadows mimic Her play
And these stars mockin' my faith
Can do nothing but smile
As Nataraj takes the stage
Blessed, and I'm content with magic
Though my intellect's still graspin'
I don't even trip
Like between in and exhalation
Or the space
You contemplate from as your thoughts race
Until I reign like King
Over these subtle storms of wonder
Pray to Allah to make it rain
Til' my garment's absorbed in Him
And my performance in harmony
My vehicle's adorning
The Goddess Shakti
And I rest without leaks
In Self Almighty
Homage to Noble Drew Ali
JAATC Oct 2020
Rays were made to connect us
Sometimes the clear light ain't always perceptible
So I hope my smile bright and welcoming
And the radiance in my chest can be felt
By my people caught in the matrix,
With no means of helping themselves
Binded in a boundless nature,
That can only be expressed through polarities
To realize That, beyond the mind,
Beyond the grasp of conception
Most of us don't got the skill,
We stuck and condensed intellectually
Taking the individual literal,
I'm in a box and you edged in
Both with no sense to see our perspectives non-separate
Though maybe different, both desiring in particular
But in surrender all desires fulfilled infinitely
To let go is to have it all in the law of antithesis
Similar to how emptiness is bliss
But not in a rational sense
Its more in depth and intimate,
In a self unlimited...
But not to take away from the Beauty and Goodness
The Light that's healing to the touch
The breath of Life un-constricted
That tranquil solitude,
All friction of egos at a distance
A state of union, crossroads of the Gnosis and seeker
Alchemical wedding, Krishna and Radha, Shakti and Shiva
Totality, divine pride, picturing myself as the deity
Expedient means in tantrayana, the highest of vehicles,
Now all I have to do is hold the door for my people
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