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Keli Jan 12
I do not yearn for the frenzied fire,
that sizzles, rages and burns.
Or bolts of lighting that streak in the sky,
scorching the air with their striking demand.
Nor do I wish for the unpredictable
excitement of color filled fireworks to light my nights
whistling, booming and crackling loud and bold.

No. I wish upon the twinkling night stars
that have steadily sung for eons,
the quiet, iridescent shine of the moon
that dependably follows her infallible cycle.
I yearn for those cooling, quite whispers of
the gentle wind, who though whimsical in her moods
is always there to breathe life into my lungs.

Give me those winds.
  Jan 5 Keli
there was a moment in time
when death sat beside me on a park bench
and he had rested his hand on the gap between us



rested my hand there
and brushed my fingers against his

and for a chaste moment
i savoured the warmth of his skin
and intertwined my hand with his

but he stood up

and left

and maybe he knew,

it was for the better.
it was the right option
Keli Dec 2023
I know I am as weak as I allow myself
And as strong as I make myself
For that is the truth of weakness and strength.
It’s all about will.
Keli Dec 2023
Red cotton thread looped
into a sharp silver needle.
Reliable, sturdy, practiced stitches.
In. Out. In. Out.
A repeated chant
as the needle continues its marching dance,
Its duty and its purpose.
Every ***** of the needle
draws little beads of pretty crimson blood,
the thread ties together
the pieces that have broken
and festered and weeped.
it’s been a never ending
rhythm of reinforcement.
Keep it in, keep it together.
The silver needle does its job.
The red cotton thread wears fast.
Keli Dec 2023
If you never cared,
And never felt,
And never even thought,
Then why’d you
Have to give me
Those lingered looks,
Those secret smiles,
Those whispered words.
Didn’t you know?
what I would give you back?

Keli Sep 2023
Why are you so silent?
Why don’t you ever look?
Don’t you care, to care for
That precious thing you took?

Perhaps to you it’s worthless.
Perchance you do not care.
But what I gave you wasn’t given,
So it really isn’t fair.

Might it be the way I feel..
Seems smaller than it is?
Or perhaps you doubt these feelings
As an adolescent fizz.

Maybe you really cannot see!
You do not actually know!
That my eyes drift ever t’ward you
And that these feelings seem to grow.

But.. I think I do know now,
The truths spiteful laugh
Though to me it feels you are
I am not your path.

I’ll try my best to understand
Though heart weary and worn..
It is not me but another
That YOUR eyes adorn.
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