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Joanna  Jul 30
Harvest Time:
Joanna Jul 30
Through the rain, the wind and blistering sand, workers
toil without a plan. 

Failing to see, much less care, that another's garden is in

Even so, there is a call to make a choice, to tear down walls. 

While preparing the ground, they pull the weeds, casting
bread upon life's water to meet another's need. 

And then with a little rain, and a little sun, one can take joy
in the harvest when it is done.
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Carter Ginter Jan 2014
My heartbeat feels funny in my chest,
And I just want to stop breathing.
No hope for any rest
As i lay here, mind running and eyes wide.
Too bad I'm too sad to move,
Even too sad to cry,
Because both mind and body scream
"Just let me die!"
My mind and body are calling me home, as in to die.
Kody dibble Mar 2015
Racing, blind nights gone weary,
Missing like cold wind, blowin'
Trees, objects of nature caught ruthlessly divine,
Simple cognition or possible chasing lights drowning tears mark moons and mansions alike, in the presence of fire,
The great blind rat lifting it's tail, in disgrace showing motionless mass,
Get the blackness on the Jordan river death urge silently moving like herds of sheep in the hills of Holy

Thousands of nation men, trodden down with sand and mud just to get the right passage of mind and thought
A small Vietnamese girl,
About the size of a...
Nevermind the voices you hear they all come awake and slowly disappear

Droughts of ether alike in tunes I might just do without the rest of doubts hedges lawns and patios
Glazed in passionate flowers
Paradoxical a nebula unhidden,
Slow chasing the candle lit masks
Baylee Kaye  Dec 2018
Baylee Kaye Dec 2018
his eyes
they’re calling me
lost in a grey-blue sea
pray they tell no lies

i fall
before him on my knees
begging pretty please
answer my call

loving you
every single day
when you throw your belt away
is all I do

the sound
of the buckle on the floor
makes me wish for more
of this love so profound

I know
you’ll waste no time
in this paradigm
to set our tempo
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