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Bloop poems Sep 26
Sometimes I sit and think
Of all the things you could have said to make me stay or things you could have done to change my mind but deep down I know you wouldn’t have said anything

Even if you knew what to say.

Even tho I still think about how we talked all the time or the warm hand I always got to hold

The way you had a nice smell all day and everyday. Sad part is I miss it

You moved on but I haven’t and I made the choice

If you see this I’m sorry
Bloop poems Aug 20
I go out

Most nights

They consist of slushes and candy and sweet night time kisses

Most nights it’s dark and I remember to put things back

Not last night

Unlike most nights I forgot

I forgot to pick up and be quite.

No my most nights will be no nights..

And my sweet kisses will be a wet pillow full of sadness
I messed up forgive me
Bloop poems Jul 22
The name you gave still hurts
Only been a day and yet I have more tears to last two years.
You asked what we were and then left when I didnt know left because it's not the answer you wanted...
I can't feel anything, the pain runs through my blood and crushes my heart in to little pieces.
The run of tears from last night still stained to my cheeks..
In the month we talked you brought more light to my life then ever and now you leave me with


Bloop poems May 12
I'd love to be loved

The thought of someone keeping me smiling or holding hands and the small jokes

I love the thought of being in love

The thought of how things would be or could be

If I wasn't so scared to take a leap of faith than these
Wouldn't be just
                        Empty actions
The thought of him runs through my veins and the fact of being gone makes me home sick for him if only him and I were closer to something rather then nothing
Bloop poems May 12
I'm awake
Wide awake at 12 in the morning
Ready for my eyes to be heavy with sleep, but instead my eyes are heavy with tears

While my family is sleeping in the bed next to mine

I lay still and empty of life as not to wake them at 12 in the morning, when the world itself is not even up yet
I can't sleep to much on my mind and not enough energy in place to turn down the voices in my head that are keeping me up past time to be sleeping. Have a good night or day depending on where you are and hopefully you get enough sleep❤
Bloop poems Apr 29
I can't write

The words used to spill out of my head like a waterfall but now I feel like there's a wall

A wall that blocks my brain from putting symbols together to form a word or even a sentence

The sentences on my paper must be invisible I can't see them

I don't know where they went

They meaning the words I used to write or say but now can't even think

I can't write
Bloop poems Apr 23
the poems run deep just like the sadness
i wait for the time to come when it fades
when the poems are no loner deep or lonely
but sweet and full of honey words.

i want to let go drop this
forget poems, maybe the world and how it spins to.

but i hold on even if i get lost,
one day my poems will be full of heart again

one day the sun will rise up and ill write about how beautiful the sky is and how the birds chirping on the way t school are lovely and sing a different tune.

one day ill wake up from this nightmare,
one day things will be better

one day i will be myself again
ive been down for a few days waiting for things to turn around and im sure this is when that time is

love everyone on here stay true to yourself<3
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