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Strying Jul 2021
why is it the people I always check in with,
never check in with me?

And even when they do,
it is never more than a simple,
"how are you?"
god im so alone
my besties are in a different state rn and im just here like ??
hope you are all doing well and feel free to rant in the comments, this is a safe space <3
its so much easier to climb
into bed and pull the blanket up
past the legs that held you up all day
and over your head that's so stubborn
where all your dark shadows live

crawl back into a hole
where you can wrap yourself
in the blanket that weighs to much
to move even the slightest to get out
and walk three steps to the fridge

so the blanket gets bigger
and your body gets smaller
till there is nothing

but a blanket
                   for someone else
i've been under the blanket for so long that my body holds only the weight of the blanket i thought to be so safe

there are mistakes but nothing is ever perfect :)
kim Jul 2020
I've returned,
I've transformed,
I've found love and comfort,
I've sought out for the unknown,
only to realize that it is faster than me.
I've not yet discovered my true self,
my passions, my drive and my goals.
and yet, as I tread, growing tired,
I realize that sometimes the unknown
will remain unknown.
I hope you're all doing well! it's been about two years since I've last posted. I hope you continue to seek clarity and truth from yourself and from others.
with love,
Monique Matheson Feb 2020
One of my favorite things you do
Is mumble in your sleep
A wispy whisper, secrets only we know
Underneath heavy sedation,
The comfort of avoidance
Life wanders off, forgetting us
Cotton fresh and messy hair
The sun doesn't dare bother us
Anything matters only in these short breaths, enclosed.
Monique Matheson Jul 2020
I used to make little whirlpools with my finger,
In the dark
When I was a bubble, you couldn't hear my pop
I landed back in the cold water
Bleach to sanitize, never enough
My eyes were bloodshot underwater
And I dove to the safest place
The bottom of the sea
The sea shells were never real
And neither was your face
The pressure in the trench would take my breath away
Float to me, I always screamed
But I was too busy chasing the light.
Karli Z Jun 2020
In times where reality
is restricted and numb,
virtual spaces become
the commonality.
I have lived in virtual reality since the beginning of March. It's given me a safe place and many new friends. I hope everyone is staying safe and in good health.
Mrs Anybody Apr 2020
i am
a night child

feeling safe
in the
dim darkness
by the moon

finding calm
in the whispers
of the trees
an the wind

finding peace
the soft screeches
of an owl
and the
chirping of crickets
also check out my other poems!  :)
Skip Cope Feb 2020
If I lose my place,
  I'm sure to be triggered.
I must find a safe space,
  so I'm not reconfigured.

If someone I've met
  as I go through my day,
yells at me or my pet,
  we'll both run away.

If a person protests
  my political views,
it causes such stress,
  it gives me the blues.

I'm a sensitive guy,
  so I run from all trouble.
Just don't ask me why-
  you may burst my bubble.
Dean Jan 2019
The building I live in, with a single room of sanctuary and safety.
Fireflies in the dark when the lights are out,
Polaroid pictures of treasured memories, of people I long to protect.
A gentle patter of rain, the drip, drip, drip of a leak on an open window.
A breeze of dew and humidity filling my nose, a golden beam illuminating me.
Rubber tires slowing in the puddles across the pavement.
I sing. A distraction.
i really like this website, i’m glad i found it when i did
Ruth Sep 2018
I’m sitting in class,
And I don’t know the solution ,
The teacher sees me struggling,
She’s aware of my confusion.

I stay after class,
She knows I’m really trying,
So when I don’t raise my hand,
I suppose she thinks I’m lying.

I really don’t know the answer,
I’m really just confused,
But it seems she wants to shame me,
So the class can be amused.

Four problems in a row,
But I guess she isn’t done,
After every “I don’t know”
She says, “you’ll do the next one”

I can hear the class laughing,
And a crimson shade comes to my face,
And I wonder why I feel so ashamed,
In what was my “safe space”
Life as a student
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