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Rachel Gosby Jan 2021
You can do it, Queen, stand up
It's important to continue to stand.
It's worth it at the end
The pain will end soon
All the pieces are coming together
Don't cry, wipe your tears away
Stand up Queen, you can do it
Focused on the positivity
The storms are disappearing
Continue to make them moves
Release the negative
It's time to rest your mind
The battles are not yours
One step at a time Queen
Stand up Queen, you can do it
Put your faith in God
The sun is rising
Hold on, don’t give up
Let go, and step out on faith
Learn and live your life as a Queen that you are  
There's always room for a second chance
Stay strong, end continue to be you
Pray, and let it go
You can do it, Queen, stand
Your future is ahead of you
Hold your head up, don’t let your crown fall
Be a savage not average
It's time to be a beast
Be stronger than your excuses
Act like a lady, but think like a boss
Know your powerful Queen
Don't be a lady, be a legend
Step out on faith
leave a little sparkle wherever you go
stand up, and slay
stand up Queen, you can do to

Stand up Queen, you can do it. Unleash the Dragon and let the world have it. You’re a Phenomenal Queen, so show it, Stand up Queen, you can do too.....
Jay Pandey Dec 2017
Alone and aloof,
Far i will tred.
The sky is my roof,
The earth is my bed.
Never give up.
mark john junor Sep 2017
Breaking open this closed hand
revealing true natures
and altered images
strangers and friends
all longing for a sure path
never seeing but always believing

purchased illusions
price of a cup of tea
or handcrafted delusions
purchased with a lost love
never to be regained

break open this closed hand
revealing the gift
of heartfelt promise
to always love always be there
can you not see
every tomorrow
will always be a reflection of today
until you actually change what you do
who you are
how you live

unclench that closed hand
quit clinging to all your yesterday's worlds
let all you carry fall behind you
never seeing but always believing
that the road ahead holds promises of futures bright
that now things will change
love renewed in your cleansed heart
build  warm day for the winter world
© 2017 mark john junor all rights reserved
Karan Jul 2015
Embrace your glorious dreams,
For they point to burst your bubble
People know how to find faults
I'd like to keep near,
the ones I hold dear,
And keep them all safe in my heart.
To show them compassion,
in good loving fashion.
Is where my intentions did start. H
Yet empathy takes,
as much as it gives,
and is harder to find in the dark.
But the love that can grow,
it breathes,
and it lives,
like fire
that came from a spark.
Its wondrous glow,
will wave to and fro,
and keep us all safe in its light.
The ember that burns,
so deep in ones soul,
allows us to see in the night.
A heat so intense,
it heightens your sense,
and in darkness,
you'll gain back your sight.
Embracing the flame,
will test if one's sane
and show you
your true sense of self.
I love all I can,
and stick to my plan,
to keep you all under my spell.
I believe what I feel,
is something that's real,
a sensation that grew from a sound.
With all my ability,
and deep positivity,
I'll spread my good vibes all around.
And In time I've found,
we're all tightly bound,
to all of our actions and thoughts.
And in living your life,
you'll discover less strife,
without the should haves,
and did nots.
So go out,
be free,
leave nothing to chance,
try out some new things,
partake in romance.
Don't give in,
to this dull,
dismal setting.
You may as well play,
against what they are betting.
They think we have dwindled,
expended our souls.
That our minds live a dream,
that our brain never knows.
They've tricked us it seems,
and it's starting to show.
So grab your life back,
don't ever let go...
chuckae Apr 2015
(a poem)*

life may have flaws

and the image may have faults

but the imagination never does

and i believe

the image doesn't matter

it's the imagination that counts
Kate Apr 2015
I know.

I know today is looming larger
Than the lump in your throat
That you swallowed last night as you
Stood in the shower,
Trying to wash away the feeling
Of everything-is-going-wrong
And replace it with whispers of
It's no big deal
You don't want them to know that
It hurts
Because then the questions will come
As you press your lips together
And blink back the tears that scream
I do not want to be here today.
But even louder is the whisper in your heart saying
You did this last week
You can do it again.
Maybe it's the dead of night right now and that's ok.
Because there is something beautiful
About the night sky
The infinite amount of stars
Match the amount of times you keep trying
The fact that it never ends
seems as impossible as making it through today
But here's a secret; you aren't alone.
You aren't the only shower-crier  
Please stop for a second      
Reach your hand through your warm skin
And find your heart, where it beats without question.
Tie the beats to your fingers so that you don't forget who you are.
You were created by the same man
Who made the stars.
Not cut from any pattern.
Made from the strongest materials.                    
Today is hard, I know.
But you can open your eyes.
The sun will rise soon enough, but you might as well stargaze while you're waiting.
I know you will be ok.
wrote this to myself after crying in the shower
Annie Apr 2015
The story has gotten old,
A million times been told,

Just the journey of a broken heart,
From desperation to a new start,

The halo and the magical wings,
Seemed like an angel mending broken strings,

Counting the 'could nots' and 'coulds',
Finally got out of the dark woods,

There were trials, the loss, the misplay,
But in the end ,there was victory ,no despair
Fight till the end, since you can.
Mike lowe Feb 2015
We all live such mediocre lives. We dress to please. We live with no ease. We go day to day while life passes us in a blur.... Only remembering the exciting things that happen once and a while. Sitting in that same office or eating that same boring food. Think back a week, where were you? What did you do? Is it something more exciting than traffic? Can you even remember...? I once knew a man that was diagnosed with cancer at 63. His smile was something you looked forward to see... One day it just didn't come. Months pass as he battles the disease, and suddenly the smile is back. Through all the pain and therapy, and long waiting. They tell him it has spread too far and stamp an expiration date on his life. I ask "how can you smile after hearing that?" He tells me "I never appreciated the little things in life until i knew mine was going to end. It took me realizing i was going to die, to actually live. Don't make this same mistake, Mike. You're young yet. My mind is so clear now." A few months later he passed... Those words he said to me will forever last. Everything we know can go down hill so fast. Who is to say the man walking past you on the side walk isn't having a bad day? What would stop him from pulling out a gun and killing you and 10 others. It's crazy to think about, until it actually happens. Maybe the person driving in the other lane didn't get enough sleep and that 2 inches that they turn the wheel would end your life with theirs. It takes 2 inches to become just a memory, something so small could hurt so many. You still have a chance to live. Stop worrying about things you cannot change. Make sure you're life is a book that everyone wants to read... Your time is running short and you never know if you'll live to see 50. So scream till you can't breath!! Love so much that you want to believe!! Make everyday a story you would want to tell someone. Because once you're gone, memories is all they'll have left.
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