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Mark Toney Oct 2019
Howard Robard Hughes
Famously rich recluse
Dreams led him to the lap of luxury
Followed by nightmarish mysophobic OCD

Rich ******* aviator Howard Hughes
With movie starlets kept himself amused
Dated Katherine Hepburn
Bette Davis took her turn
And still more, which kept the tabloids confused

Born Howard Robard Hughes to a rich family
With English, Welsh and French Huguenot ancestry
Enjoyed a successful multi-faceted business career
But aviation and aerospace were his favorite frontier
8/23/2019 - Poetry form: Clerimerick Couplets (A hybrid form I created composed of a Clerihew, Limerick and 2 rhyming Couplets. This is another of my Clerimerick Couplets.  The Clerihew has been described as the literate cousin of the Limerick. Cool things happen when the cousins get together!  Two rhyming couplets make the poetry form complete. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Secret-Author Aug 2016
I became an aviator to explore all I wanted to see,
to feel the sun upon my skin and wander strong and free.
And learn about this life so far the things I already knew,
be brave enough to trapeze this world and see the oceans blue.
Eyes cloaked and squinting under all the sunshine's might,
a sense of dazzling clarity from both senses and the light.
Hello new dawn hello new day and hello to new me,
tethered oh so heavily when I used to be at sea.
Long may this greatness stay with every moment passing through,
and blown away the fog will be that blurs life's glistening hue.
Dreaming that the sun will never settle into night,
or that my wings will fail me now or cause me to alight.

— The End —