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I love your flaws, curves and style
I love how sweet is your smile
I love your positive vibes
That gave me such an optimistic life
I love your beautiful mind
I love your eyes that shines
I love how your voice sounds
That carries away all the sorrows around

I love you, I will never deny it
I love you, you're the one I want to be with
5 years still counting
Synthetic pine tree stood inside the house
With cute and big presents below the tree's branches
Waiting there for the little childrens
To be open
And show them different surprises

Snow fell from the skies, temperature drops below freezing level
But the heart of the ones who celebrates, can feel warm in each corner
From the heart
Church bell rang
To remind people who celebrates Christmas Carol
That the devotion was about to start
With the priest telling story of how Christ was born

Little kids put on their favourite jacket, gloves and sleeves
Try not to neglect their health, protecting their body from sickness
Meeting with their buddies
Play anything with snow activities
Joyous heart, a big smile
With the sound of laughter
Days full of happines, all sorrows were covered
Merry Christmas. Hope you have a blessing day
It's just a little word
But the pain really hurt
Never misjudge it
No matter how small it is

Never underestimate stress
The reason of my unwell rest
My life will be the cost
My soul will be a ghost

When stress is your daily mood
You will know the truth
That the monster is not under your bed
Instead it screams inside your head
**** me :)
It started
After I saw you for five seconds
Your beauty sticks to my memories for more than weeks
Only for a little moment
I can feel my muscles really weak

But it all ended
When I saw your curve of your lips
Goes up when you lean your head to his shoulder
There goes my hopes and bliss
Taken and swallowed by the world
She is the light with undefeated brightness
Where it’s warm and contains happiness
But I rather stay in the darkness
For it’s misguide to the path that wasn’t chosen

Tempting and I never want to avoid
The lights calling my name wants me to stay below it
But I rather be here shove my ears and close it
In the cold darkness let my blood be frozen

So I buried myself in the shadow
Where it’s just cold and hollow
Because if I follow
It will only ends with disappointment
I hoped you guys found the right one
Jittery my heart did when the first time I laid my eyes on her
Oh Sweet Lord, look at my heart beating
Help me please because I stopped breathing
As she move her hands and legs following the music
Nailed my senses, I cannot feel the ground
Noticed my muscles dropped around my mouth
Attracted by her dance, I let my mind imagine further

No, no way it can’t be
Oh my God this can’t be true, ****!
Reality! I need to wake up to reality
I can’t be falling in love by just her beauty
Eye catching, her looks just so eye catching
God Help Me!
Am I in love or it’s just another lust????
Try to guess her name
When I'm going for my new adventure
I want you to hold the key
That will grant you an access to my treasure
So no one will steal it from me
And you will be the only one to enjoy it
My treasure will forever be yours. (Im giving this to my future love one day)
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