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Build me an airport above the surface of your heart
The runway could be hard surfaces
Made out of asphalt
Or soft surfaces
Made of grass
No matter how easy or hard
I will take my chances
To land safely on your heart

Make a radio tower and tell me the radio frequency
So I can tell you how gorgeous is your smile
How I love your sins, flaws and your style
And you can tell me
Clear to do arrival and approach
But if you are not ready, put me on hold
Let me land there sweetie
They were divided by the ocean
She tried to keep an update with him when he was sleeping
He tried to tell her his days when she was already dreaming
All because of a different destinations
Even when they physically away by the distance of 14952 kilometers
But their hearts still stuck together

Skins desperately wants to touch each other
Everyday just getting harder
Thousands of times they texted him/her “I Miss You”
It wasn’t enough to let out the pressures they have been through

Even if their eyes still can see each other via video call
They didn’t feel complete at all
Even if they can hear their voices from calling
They prefer to listen it directly
Even the sweetest dreams they have in their mind
Their little heart won’t be satisfied
Goodluck for the ones having the long distance relationship
(I’m still single :p)
When she wants to fly to chase the shooting stars
Or when she wants to sleep at the surface of the clouds
The chain will pull her back to the ground hard
But nobody hear her falling, even after she yelled in pain really loud

Anxiety holds the chain and life bites her neck
Crushed and cannot do anything, all of her bones starts to break
Then left wounded in this cold world
Tried to manage the pain by her own while she trembles

Confused where to cry, because she can’t find a shoulder
Stress filled inside the heart of her mother
Her father is selfish yet filled with anger
Her cousin is a *******
Her boyfriend doesn’t act like her lover
She was born to be the only daughter
Her half siblings are still a youngster
And the society doesn’t seems to care about her

She tried to heal depression with physical pain
A cutter on a right hand and tried to cut her left hand veins
Then she would use her blood as an ink
To write her poetries
Hides her scars with sleeves, and her smile hides her true feelings

Two of her besties are willing to help her when she is down
One of them stands on her side to help her stand up on the ground
And she makes her to promise never cut herself again
But the other one, got separated by the oceans
He can only listens
After he knew how dark her was experience
He was speechless because her world are far more worst then his expectations

But no matter how harsh her stories
She will never give up
Because from pain she learns to be stronger
For my friend Vel
If only forgetting you are like smoking
My dreams and memories are the tobacco burning
Watch each of the tobacco leafs turning into ashes
Then put the ashes on my ashtray
Throw them away so I could see them goes away

If only to end my love for you by smoking
Using the poisonous carbon monoxide to weaken my heart’s desire to keep you with me,
**** the butterflies inside my belly
And the cancer cells will eat the remaining feelings inside me

Sometimes I wished smoking helps
But reality, every inhaler I took, my life slowly ends
Every cigarettes I burnt doesn’t lead me one step further
Most likely I slowly make myself to be dead in one spot
I smoked too much I guess
She took my heart when I flew in the skies
200 knots to the ground, luckily I survived
Broke my plane and I knew I cannot fly
Because I took a peek into her eyes

How amazing is this woman?
So easily to be noticed when she sits
Disturbing my dreams when she sleeps
Hypnotised me when she only speaks
Cool down my **** when she breaths
Put me down from the skies when she sees

So loveable this woman
But if I give her my heart, it would be dangerous
If I kiss her lips, my saliva contains poison and she will die
If I stare at her eyes, beneath my eyes there is a selfish demon ready to eat her alive
If I hold her hands, I can't control my own power and she will cry
If I hug her, I can't contain my joy then I might crush all her bones, she looses her life
If she gave me her heart, I might end up toys around her feelings, disturbing her night

So with my Perfectly Healthy Legs, I'm walking away
To stand along beside her was my dream, now there is no reason to stay
I will rest only when I want to pray
To ask the Lord for guidance on my new journey everyday
If my aircraft falls, I will continue my journey by foot
Her eyes are created from the oceans
Her body is the missing piece of the heaven
Her hair are the important elements for aurora boeralis, the lights that shines around the northern region
Her personalities are the missing piece from the heart of an angel
Her voices are part of a wonderful miracle
Her mind is the 25 percent of the universe
The curve from her warm smile taken from the rainbow, beautiful, colorful and ineffable
And her name is the pieces from the poetry that God ever written

When all the pieces gathered
Carefully mixed together
A winsome woman was created
Aurelia was the name given to her
Aurelia, do you even know what are you made of?
Behind my silence
My heart sends a prayers
To our beloved creator
So the both of you will be never seperated

Behind my silence
My eyes kept looking
For troubles coming
That will destroy your relationship together

Behind my silence
I said your name
So I could tame
My monster that only contain evil and violence

Behind my silence
I looked at your picture
To remind myself that this world
Still have the pure beauty living on this earth

Behind my silence
I said "I love you" silently
So quiet until The Lord can't hear me
Because if I said it, I might waste my own prayers
Behind my silence
My feelings ate the entire of me
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