She walked in to the hall room with her principal
Feeling excited
To get to know her new friends
She shook her hand
To each people around her

Hardly she notice
Someone from upstairs is looking
His heart starts to beat
Slowly the tempo was increasing
His mind haunted by insanity
Stunned by her beauty

He can’t stop gazing
To her hair that is so dark and shiny
To her eyes that needs assistance
From her glasses
To her white skin that was created perfectly
To her smile that always looks lovely

“Is she the one Lord?”
“Is she the one I looked for?”
He spoke to The One who created him in this world

He took his pen and on his hand he wrote something
“1st August 2016”

~To be continued
The whole poem is actually kinda long. I will post the next part as soon as I could. There will be a lot of parts so enjoy
Part of ‘The Shallow Minded Boy’

She puts her focus on her studies
Her family
and her lover
But little do she knew
That her relationship with her boyfriend maybe in danger

That person is waiting since long times
That person never realize
This is his the 3rd year he spends
Waiting for their relationship comes to an end
He maybe waiting
A shallow minded boy sat down on the balcony
With his heart filled with tons of melancholy
He lights up his cigars
And let the smoke melt his cold heart
His head has been occupied by that one person
A girl. That slowly grows into a woman
The wonderful human being
The rare celestial being
The angel without wings
So prepossessing
The way she sings
Is the only way to calms his feelings

He never thought of letting her go
Because she is the only one. He thought so
Little do he know
There are still millions of stars in the galaxy
There are still millions of fish in the sea
But he can’t think of that. His mind were too shallow

3 Year’s he carried the same affection
To that same person
The same beautiful name
That if someone mentions her name, he could go insane

The shallow minded boy have been wasting his times
Those precious seconds flies
To focus only on his depression
With no action taken
He just can’t imagine the world without her presence
2nd part of “I Walked To The Moon”

I Walked To The Moon. Now here I am on earth
With anxiety haunted my sleep
Desperately wanted to touch her
Missing the pull of her gravity
And live inside her forever

I remembered her spoiled voice
That I cannot resist
Asking me to stay longer
Until her sorrows are over
I hate to be separated from her
My moon that shines bright
In my everyday night

I stood up on my backyard before I sleep
I saw my moon standing in the sky toughly
She gleams brighter than before, as if she was looking for me
So I waved at her trying to grab her attention
But I’m just a human being, hardly she notice. Again my heart was broken
I missed her
I love her
I need her
I want her
The moon shine bright last night before I post this poem
For how many times I thought
I could let her go?
How many billions of seconds I swallowed
To just lay in my bed, waiting for her to fill the hole
Very deeply inside me
So I can feel complete?
How much cigarettes did I burnt
Until my lungs hurt
For just putting my focus on that girl?
How much poems should I write
With all the creativity and the rhymes
So she noticed that already a thousand times
I already cried
From the inside?
How many romantic songs I listened
When I faced a tremendous depression
After she touched my minuscule heart
And left me apart?
How come I still adore her
After all the tortures
That she did already
By unintentionally?
How much pain
Should I gain
Just so I could see her eyes
That glows in my dreams every nights?
How much longer I can carrying this torch
The fire that burnt my feelings into ashes
The flame that harms me the most
That could traumatized me for ages?

I have no idea............
She came back again to my mind, followed with these questions I can’t answer
I walked to the moon, and she welcomed me
Greets me and let me in
She pulled me with her gravity
Impatiently waiting for me to reach the ground safely

I touched her surface
Rub it
And get the sense of her on my skin
Smoothly as I can
As balmy as she demands
All my pain and depression began to fades
I felt so beatific
After I saw her smiling

I laid my back on the ground
Her gravity pulled me stronger
Stronger than ever
I looked up at the sky around
The sun and the other stars shining their own universes
It’s just a simple thing, but I could feel so much pleasure

But I cannot stay there longer
I have to go back to earth
She understands my reason
For the need of my oxygen
I walked away
And we go on our separate way
I went down
Back to my hometown
Meet my friends
And tell them about my experience

I walked to the moon and reach back to earth safely
It’s a waste of money
To get the rocket and my safety equipment
I walked to the moon, and it felt like in heaven
If I could get back to her, I would love to. If I could kept her, I want to.
I could feel the cold air flowing to my skin
Blowing the branches and leafs
Of the millions trees
Fear describes my feelings
As the woods doesn’t seems to welcome me
And the trees staring at me coldly

The land was so muddy
I felt squeamish
As the mud goes up to my legs
Oh bloody hell
Why am I here in this cursed forest
I hate this place

The wind starts to blow stronger
Then ever
To my face directly
The woods have given me a warning
To get out of there and don’t come back ever again

Alone in the woods, what’s the worst it will happen
I just want to write something other than Aurelia
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