It doesn’t taste sweet
Or bitter
Not even spicy
Or sour
But it’s tasteless

The colors wasn’t green
Or orange
Not even pink
Or violet
But it’s colorless

My poetry became senseless
Lost of it’s magical power
And filled with no colors
Ever since I tried to removed you from My contents
Poetry is the crown of love
-Two Trees by Andrea Hirata
I pray for thousands of innocents
Who died because of 19 sinners
I wished for the wandering souls in earth
To be accepted on the side of our Creator

Bless the souls who died in Pentagon
Bless the souls who died in World Trade Center
Bless the souls of the hijacked aircraft's passengers
So they will rejoice, in the Land Of Promised

For the ones that lost their family, friends or their siblings
I want you guys to think positive and keep smiling
Because of that incident
They could enjoy their new lifes in Heaven
The place where pain never exist
And known as it's Holy
The place where our heart will never resist
To enjoy the eternal life and live happily

Rest In Peace
And you all will be missed
I hope this type of incident will never happen again. Let us never forget the incident happened 17 years ago.
Sometimes I just want to yell at the top of my lungs to you
Sometimes I just want to be angry to you
I want to scream at your ears
Until your eyes producing tears
Then I will tell you what my heart wants to say
And what you did to me everyday
Call me crazy
Because I'm a Lunatic

The reason why
Is because you still messing around my mind,
You messed my chemistry,
Took my heart again and left me empty,
And you make me weak
When you are so close to me
You know how it feels when you want to move on from someone, but you can’t and you starts to blame or getting angry on that particular person?
I sat behind the bars made out of iron
A small room with no ventilation
They covered my vision
So I will be blind for a reason

I’m stuck in a jail with one cell
At the bottom of her heart
Where it simulates hell
And they will cut me apart

I was brainwashed by the leader
And forced me to love her
She used her beauty and body
To hypnotize me
So I serve her while I’m hungry and thirsty

I am the Prisoner Of Her Love
A place where no light glows
The place I will be stuck there forever
The place for my funeral
Stuck in that one special room
The place where I live until doom
And I’m happy to serve her no matter what
I finally opened my eyelids wide
I finally see the world clearly with my own eyes
At last I perceived
That this planet earth
Still have a millions of angels
Traveling around the world

They are all imperfect
But they all have their own talents
Some of them really catches my attention
But they failed to triggers my adrenaline
Dopamine, vasopressin and my oxytocin

Because It Didn't Feel Right

I don't think I can fall in love again
I did everything I can
To get you out of my brain

Because you are my miracle
The chosen angel
Among  the others
That spreaded through all the planet
And I will Try Hard Again For The Sake Of You And Myself
Take my hand
And never let go
I will take you to the clouds
Where you can yell really loud
Without hearing any judge from your friends

Put your arms around my body
And hold it firmly
Then I will take you to the outer space
Where we could be ourselves
And live happily forever

Kiss my lips
Then I will suck out your negative feelings
I may cannot solve all your problems
But I promise
I will not let you struggle
By single handed

Tell me your new destination
And I will set it as my new mission
I'm doing this for only one reason
I want to share you my Affection
Because you are the best miracle that ever happened to me
Why would she wants to be a pilot
When she is already an angel?

Why would she wants to be inside the cockpit
When she can just spread her wings?

Why would she have to struggle asking permission from the radio tower
When she can fly by her own desire?

Why would bothered about fuel consumptions
When she have a gigantic amount of power?

Why would she thinks about the ground speed
When she can fly with her wings in a high velocity?

Why would she thinks about the minutes
When she can travel with just one click?

Why would she thinks of a distance
When she can just do teleportation?

Why would she afraid of an engine failure
When she have the strength of lifting earth?

What kind of heavenly creature
That have something she concerned?
Does she knows she is an angel?
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