Romantic words wasn’t enough to tell my feelings for you
My poetries wasn’t enough to venting my love for you
Slow songs doesn’t sound right
When you are on my mind
Because you are too special to be described

My blood rushed faster
And my heart applied more faster

I may have told you I am ready to let go
But the reality, I struggled trying to walk away
The harder I tried, the more my affection grows
And the more I wanted to stay
To be with you until my life passes away

I still want you to fill my heart
In the hollow part
But that would be my own selfishness
Because you already filled somebody else’s
I've said "I love you" once, but it wasn't enough
I live in the cloudy dreams
Where it covered my vision
From seeing these bitter world

My imagination
Is the land where nobody
Can disturb me
Maybe we weren't destined to be together
Maybe it wasn't my destiny to put an engagement ring around your ring finger
It wasn't my destiny to solve your problems
It wasn't your destiny to love me
Or holding hands with me

But maybe

I was destined to protect your relationship
Putting your bonds inside my shield
Support both of you and your lovers target
With a big smile and no regrets
Then let go whenever I'm ready

Because Aurelia, my dear
I will find a heart to land safely
And I mean my words
Putting you inside my brain systems
Are one of the best things I've ever done

I can't stop imagine
Both of us sitting at the roof under the moonlight,
Talking while drinking our favourite alcoholic beverages,
Hop in the aircraft, baby I will be the pilot and we will look down enjoying the city lights
And pressing our lips together until we could see the sunrise

Aurelia, my sweetheart
I've always hoped that those dreams comes to reality
But sadly
The real world slapped me too hard
Until I opened my eyes
Really wide
Some of you guys might read my poem that was titled "Grave Of My Dreams". And I have to say, those dreams came alive and now I fell in love again
Her gray eyes shuts my lips close,
Tied my tongue like a rope,
Then clogged both my throat and my nose

I created hundreds of sentences,
Prepared thousands of words,
And arranged millions of letters
But I can only say one compliment

Her gray-colored eyes are extremely rare
So gorgeous, it warms my night in the early winter
I wanted to see her eyes forever
But the reality, however
I won’t be looking at those eyes again
And I swear, her eyes are really gray. I met her yesterday in Tucson, but when I tried to approached her, it was a total failure
I'm immuned from cupids
And I'm able to sense them if they are coming near
They will feel fear
When they see my eyes so deep

My life are now free from a cupids
The little creatures that makes me ******
I uses no medicine
But phillophobia is my only poison
Am I afraid of love? Or are you afraid of not being loved back
She called my name
And gave me a bar of chocolate from her hand
The most joyful time of my life
I felt like my future will be filled with bright lights
So I ate it
But when I realized it, it was too late
The chocolate passed the expiration date
Then woke up in the emergency room
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