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I am magnetic, and I am alive
I attract what I need in order to thrive
My mind is a magnet - an incredible power
And creates my desires hour by hour

My focus is sharp, strong as fine steel
I know my emotions, what I want to feel
My end result I can clearly see
Which is drawn magnetically right to me
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Idklove Dec 2019
Unique peculiarity found in love and lust...
Without love, lust does not exist...
Between the two...
Love attracts lust.
Whereas lust attracts love.
The intensity of love called lust.
s Nov 2019
my parents taught me
opposites don’t just attract
they also connect

Madison Greene Mar 2019
I discovered you slowly
and I don't know that I ever believed opposites really attract
but you are my peaceful and I am your wild
I discovered your language and you tucked my hair behind my ear
assurance falls from your tongue like honey and it's got my hand stuck to yours for good-
"I love you
I love everything about you
even the things you hate, I love
and what you love I love even more"
no one's ever loved me like you
karen Oct 2018
in the inside, I’m magnetic
but the type that repels

he sits next to me, attracted
                                                  I move away.
he says his hands are always cold.
                                                  polite, I respond that mine are warm.
he looks at my hands,
                                                  I walk away. I will not let him hold mine.

I wonder why I’ve been cursed,
banished to this loneliness, temptation.
after all, maybe the problem is me,
maybe he’s fine. but he’s not fine
and so I guess I’m magnetic…
but the type that repels.
a boy in my bio class keeps bothering me and i'm convinced that love deadass just doesn't exist
Mister J Jun 2018
This is a deadly game
This is a poisonous gamble
This is unwarranted passion
This is crazy obsession

And yet you choose me
Amidst all that chaos within me
That hurts you when it shows
Amidst all my flaws you love me

You are a bright flame
Warm and passionate
Fierce and boisterous
A raging beacon of beauty in the darkness

I am that darkness
Cold and unmoving
Dead and restrained
A chaotic enigma hidden in your shadows

I am around you
But I cannot touch you
And yet you shine for me
You choose to love me

No matter how much we try
No matter what we do
Light can never banish the darkness
And darkness can never touch the light

But here you are
Loving the darkness in me
Because you exist to need me
Because light must shine amidst the dark
And darkness must help the light shine

An odd combination
The two of us
And yet you're in love with me
And I with you
They may say its wrong
But who the hell cares
Because I feel its right
Even if we are never alike
Just blowing off some steam.
Finally, some vacation from school
What to do? What to do?

Thanks for reading!

Demonatachick Feb 2018
You are mine I am yours
Lets ignore our flaws
Let's ignore the facts
That you're not me and I'm not you
But opposites attract.
Magnetism-Not 100% on this one but I'd thought I'd share :D hope everyone is having a good weekend
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