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Dante Rocío Sep 2020
good riddance,/
no lyrical sides/
their call, heaven/
with cigarette word-
boat too close to the wall/
circumcising by verbals done/
up dying,/
Child us a sandbox of sense/
stretching holding/
out on a ghostly hand/
We are the walls/
place Poetry finds acute vivid lining/
verses, our eyes meshing/
hole unclenching/
Killing lectures about it, how dictionarising/
And Le Clézio’s wing alive/
Taking flight/
An entry, presentation, to my own self,
With a beige new paper crusting made,
Enduring  benevolent ego  for any who
that paper will find..
Entrust my sense showed again
In my 5 minutes on a lilac,
fragile like old Chinese art,
Big Virge Feb 2020
So What Is The Position of The ... " Human Condition " ... ???

We Have Been Conditioned To Speak With No Vision ...
To Accept What Is FICTION As If It's OUR MISSION ...
To Live Life Behind ... The PAIN IN Our Minds ...
From Movies To LIES We Seem To ... *** - IDE ...
Our Wish To Be FREE To Embrace FALLACIES ... !?!

From Those On BIG SCREENS To Those In The Streets ...
Shooting CONVICTIONS Because of ... DERISION ...
Or Because of Wives ... Who Live WHORISH Lives ... !!!!!

Sleeping AROUND To Laugh With The Clowns ...
UNTIL Hubby Finds Out And LETS OFF Gun Sounds ... !!!

Humanity DROWNS As Loyalty FROWNS ...
Because of The Grounds On Which It Rests NOW ...

The Grounds of NEW FREEDOMS ...
DEFILED Due To ***** ...
That Rests In These Demons ...
Who Have Human Bodies ...
But Hearts SO UNGODLY ...

From Allah To Buddha ....
STILL Humans PULL Shooters ... !?!
Who CLAIM To Have Faith ...
In MORE THAN DEATH Games ... ?!?

As The BLOOD Drains ...
WHO FEEDS Our Young Brains ... ?
With Things That ... DISMANTLE ...

Visions of ... " DJANGO " ...

The Human Condition ...
Does NOT NEED ... " Pulp Fiction " ... !!!!!
But DOES NEED Some Shepherds ...
Whose Words DON'T PERVERT ... !!!!!

Some BAD Mother Uckers' ...
Who Bring RIGHTEOUS Ruckus ...
To THOSE Heads Above Us ...
Who Treat Us Like SUCKERS ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... "FOLLOW Your Leaders !" ....


Because They ... DON'T CARE ...
Cos' They Live For THEIR SHARE ... !!!!!
of Pies That DEFINE The ULTIMATE PRICE ... !!!!!

THE PRICE For ... Our FREEDOM ... !!!!!
Humanity's DRAIN Humanity's PAIN ...
Time And ... AGAIN ... !!!!!

When Will We LEARN To COOL Down The BURN ...
of Things That DECEIVE Us Then Leave Us CONCERNED ... !?!

PREVENTION is BETTER Than ANY **** Cure ...
THIS HERE IS My Letter To ... IGNORANT Hoards ... !!!

DON'T Think You're Forgiven ...
For ALL of Your SINNING ... !!!!!
From End To Beginning ...
You Think That You're WINNING ... ?!?!?

How LOST NOW Are We ... ?!?
Seems We Haven't Gone Far ... !?!

And This IS ... MY POSITION ...

On The ...

.... " Human Condition " ....
I think the current spate of political movements, and the resulting effects of modern thinking, is doing very little to aid the improvement of what we all now know to be, characteristics of the human condition ....
Bowedbranches Sep 2017
Personality is caustic, volatile, and drop dead goofy to a fault
I'll make you gasp
then **** your britches
Back to basics maven,
mayhem is what my DNA strands are made from..
I'm good at keeping you guessing
or in constant edge of your seat distress.
Let me learn you some lessons, take your spirit on a walk
Little by little
I'll undress it.
My personality in one shot
I'm a Cosmic freak
with a dash of silly antics.
Juverine Wan Sep 2017
Is she happy?
I can't tell
Maybe it's because
She always smiles

A face of sarcasm
A twinge of laughter
Her words are soft
With screams and shouts

Her height is debatable
Her character is not
Her liveliness contrasts
With nothing at all

Her hair does not change
But when it does it shocks
Everyone around her
Laughs in flocks

Though sometimes she annoys
She always comes back
Though some may disagree
She's still my friend.

Hi, this is a poem about my friend, Elissa. I've known her for quite some time and I love her (sometimes).
rose Oct 2016
bravery, strength given for the better
a power in which only few may have
as a part of their life -
one that i certainly do not possess.
it can be transformed into the
shy living.

kindness, a value that is most special
most important and helpful
useful as it may be, it has
flaws that can be cracked:
broken leaves falling to the ground,
only a piece of truth.

anger, somewhat misunderstood
it can strengthen us at weakest moments
and break us in  t w o
little shattered glints of glass replacing
fragments of happiness.

these few traits are the composed parts,
pieces, bits of information inside of us that
we take to live our lives,

combined personalities.
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