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Dylan McFadden Oct 2019
Two Cities, bitter enemies;
Two Cities, truest foes

The First was from eternity,
The Other from the shadow

The First descended from the sky,
The Other from the ground

The First had but a King on high,
The Other Creation crowned

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all…

It can't possibly be, eternity;
doth cleanse me.

She did whisper, a
Deity of Absurdia
hath heard her.

The Way
is empathy,
Always immanent.
Embracing, and cherishing;
Our first doomsday kiss.
AD Mullin Oct 2014
Subjugated by the
Not-so-loyal subjects:
Mind | Body | Spirit

None knowing their place

Poor leadership
I'll bet I can mind my way to a better place
Better try

So I grant citizenship
To my cunning and intellect
It works but
After a time vibrancy

So I call in Spirit
In the spirit of Theocracy
Spiritual matters prevail
But I've forgotten to eat
For two days

So I give Body
A seat at the table
Now we have a democracy

Or do we?
Remnants of the Plutocracy
Gave cunning a vote

So we reorganize
Into a meritocracy
< - - 3 pools - - >
Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit
3 votes

Something still isn't working
So I ruminate
And turn things upside

A king should be subjugated
The best leadership
Is invisible

True leader
Their own path

I (the person) am ground
I am the intersect
I am the crossroads for
Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit
I am the King
Listening to Jeff Buckley on this mornings run

— The End —