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I lye here awake
My head keeps thinking
I roll and stare
At the whitewashed ceiling

My eyes are closed
Just waiting for sleep
It all seems pointless
As I lose count of sheep

I finally slip away
I dream that I am flying
To whom and to where?
As I keep on climbing

I feel your embrace
Is that you I'm hearing?
I can see your face
Could it be I'm dreaming?

I open my eyes
I was fast asleep
A renewed sadness arrives
As I start counting sheep

© 2020 Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
I saved a person today
She walked down the corridor
I was jumping in my cage
Maybe I could get her to adore

I tried to hide my mess
That was left in the back and such
But I had no choice
I don't get out of here much

I saved a person today
As she looked at my face
I didn't know what to do
So I sit down in place

The humans love the puppies in here
They don't hang around long
My humans died in a car crash
And I was left all alone

I can do tricks and go outside
I can sit on your lap when you cry
I can bark at the door
I will always be by your side

I know I'm just an old dog
But I'll love you forever and always
I'll even watch TV with you
I'll can fetch and play all day

I saved a person today
And she carried me to the car
I can walk on a leach
I can make a new start

I saved a person, you see
And that human saved me

© 2020  Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
Familiar places make me think of you
The times we shared are memories now
Fond remembrance in a love so true
In my heart I believe you can recall it too

I never mention it or say it out loud
Thoughts of you only for me to know
All those times I'll never forget about
In another time when we loved each other so

The days keep passing and so do the years
As with everything else, time dries up the tears
I look for you in every crowd I'm near
But your beautiful face never appears

I find myself hoping that you are doing good
Don't worry, I could never have any ill will for you
If we never meet again in this lifetime
These memories will stay until the day I die

© 2020  Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
It was a cold New Year's morning
That was the last time I ever seen you
The embrace I held you in was glowing
And the kisses we shared were true

I could feel your heartbeat as we embraced
Little flakes of snow fell softly to the ground
I could see the chill bumps on your face
And I didn't want you to go to town

But you had to go that early morning
And I knew you couldn't stay
But I tried hard to keep you from going
I wish I would've tried harder that day

If I would've known that was the last time
That I would ever be able to kiss you
Or had the chance to call you all mine
I would've dragged you back inside

If I knew it would be the last time
That I would see your beautiful face
And those mesmerizing blue eyes
I wish I would've said "I love you"
Instead of only  "Bye.'

© 2020 Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
Lost in a sea of madness
Life seems so short
Ready for all the sadness
You build your fort

These walls are the highest
Just to keep people out
No more bricks, these are the finest
Walls that have been built

Time ticks right on by
As you sit in your fortress
The walls are so high
It gets real hard to focus

You can't climb this wall
But wish you could
So scared you will fall
Just wondering if you should

It's not easy to break barriers
But someone must try
Without that we will all wither
Will we give up and die?
Our eyes met from the lighted stage
My guitar slung across my shoulder
You're the only one I seen as I played
In a packed house I could see no other

That same night you met my sister
She came out to see me play
You made sure she had your number
You hoped for me to call you someday

I loved you from beginning
I'll love you until I die
I loved you from the stage
And then you waved goodbye

I so much wanted to call you
But I didn't for several days
Not wanting to seem so desperate
But decided to call you anyway

No days were ever spent apart
After we met for a dinner date
It really didn't take that long
For you to steal my heart away

I loved you from the beginning
I'll love you until I die
I loved you from that day on
And we never said goodbye

The days and years passed quickly
Our children grown and moved on
Sipping tea on the front porch
Wondering where the time has gone

I loved you from the beginning
I'll love you until I die
I loved you at the funeral
The day I had to say goodbye


© 2019 Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
My great grandaddy was a farmer
He was set in his ways
My great grandma said he was a charmer
Always jealous of Edie May

He went on a date with Edie
Way back in 1908
He swore it was only one date
But grandma brings it up each day

I remember asking grandaddy
'What's the box of corn cobs for'
That were sitting in the outhouse
Stacked neatly on the floor

Never ask what the corn cobs are for

I stayed with them for a summer
Back when I was nine or ten
A feather bed was where I slumbered
Photos of ancestors scared me to death

They never smiled or seemed happy
In the framed pictures around the bed
I thought they were watching me
As I laid down to rest my head

Dancing corn cobs haunted my dreams

Grandaddy smoked a homemade pipe
With tobacco he grew from scratch
Told stories of how his great grandaddy
Crossed the ocean on a wooden craft

We rode his tractor across the hills
Rounding up cattle and mended fences
Grandma was in the barn getting milk
Oh how I loved her buttermilk biscuits

I couldn't eat corn on the cob she fixed us

They never owned a television set
No air conditioning could be found
So I caught craw dad's in the creek
My splashing was the only sound

I went back and can't hold it anymore
It's been a few days and I have to go
I stood up and walked out the door
I'd better hurry and not move so slow

Don't ask me what the corn cobs were for
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