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I remember what we had
Long passion-filled kisses
And lovingly holding hands
The same dreams and wishes

We knew what the world was
All those happy times together
We were very deeply in love
And we made our world better

And we are so alike
Yet we are so alone
Our love is still inside
Waiting to be shown

Our lives have always been tough
In between the years apart
But it seems love was never enough
Everyone doomed us from the start

But I know our love will never falter
Even though we are not together
It is firmly etched into our hearts
It will remain there always and forever

But we are so alike
Why are we so alone?
Our love is there inside
It is a love that we own

We never had to fake it at all
But we left a lot of things unsaid
The same goals we always talked
And together we planned ahead

I feel like I'm sitting in a corner
And your on the other side of the wall
I need you now more than ever
You're so close but can't get to you at all

You know we are so alike
Yet we continue to be alone
I see you but you're out of reach
Take my hand and allow love to flow

We had no temptation for any another
At the times when we were together
We were very deeply in love
And we made the whole world better

Maybe someday our hearts will touch
We were meant to be with each other
Many times we tried to no avail
No matter what our love will last forever

We'll always be so alike
But why are we so alone?
Our love is there waiting
We just have to make it known

© 2020  Michael Messinger
(All rights reserved)
Erin Beer Feb 2019
I don't know what to say,
And don't know what to do,
Because all I can ever think about when I'm around you,
Is the way your arms use to feel tied around my chest,
And the sound your voice would make when you laughed so loud like that.

I don't know how to breath,
Don't know how to smile,
Because lately I've been noticing your happier by yourself,
But then we'll catch each other's eye,
And we'll make awkward contact for a while,
You'll break it first like it never happened,
This isn't exactly how I imagined.
I hope you know I'll never forget the way your arms felt wrapped round my chest,
And the sound of your voice when you laughed so loud,
I wish that I could hear it right now.

I don't know how to look,
Don't know how to act,
Because when I hear your name,
I have to restrain myself.
After all your friends are mine and your bound to come about,
But I'm not ready to see you happy with someone else,
It sounds insane because after all,
It was entirely my own fault for a girl with a broken soul,
Will be forever unloved by one and all.
A poem from a short poetry book I am currently drafting over on wattpad @telepathyisoverrated
Chirayu Writer Apr 2017
"Sometimes walking on a wrong path
takes you to the right place
where you have been wanting
something from life.
( may be an instinct or a hint)
Wrong way has a trance to take you
back to your own path,
which you miss once in between the
journey to destiny where Failure is
that wrong way which
rights you later in life.
pam Dec 2015
Three years ago, she told you she loves you...

You see her walking down the street with her earphones in
You smiled from ear to ear
Reminiscing the past three years
Your smile turned upside down
And you wonder if she moved on
Thats why she's back in town
And you wonder if you could handle
Her moving on from you
You stared at her as she crosses the street
As she sings along to the music in her ears
You wonder if she still listens to the same song
You wonder what you did wrong
She saw you so she smiled and wave
Crazy because last time, she turned the other way
But today was different
She smiled and walked up to you
Asking you how you do
Then you realized you're upset
That you let her go
She left with a smile on her face
"Bye..." You whispered
As your voice cracked.

**Three years ago, she told you she loves you...
Today, you almost say it back.

Idk, hope he feels this way... I waited for 4 years to hear him say it back, but he never did...

— The End —