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Norman Crane Sep 2020
The A.I. summoned the robot Newman,
The A.I. asked about his condition,
Said Newman: "I want to feel—to be human,"
The A.I. accepted Newman's submission,
The A.I. processed his petition,
The A.I. cogently deliberated
on the logic of Newman's admission,
The A.I. returned its disposition:
"The robot Newman is to be terminated,
He displays a fatal lack of ambition."
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
Are there more cookie cutter comments appearing
in response to odd
I'm seeing certain best ratings seem less reasoned, so I thought, I'll ask, is AI
writing better than I imagine and complimenting itself? Cyberspace is undeveloped, everybody's on the web.
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
Aware, as I am a ware,
not all minds find time to rest
while being read to,
while holding power to pause the reader and

look up a fact the reader mentions as being known
to all, but
me, I did not know, for

until some, not so long ago, time, agone away
holdon- until now,

I lacked the leisure to listen, no time,
for I was busy learning to
use the next necessary
technology, with glee,
to some geekish degree.
..-. - .-

Find The Answer
that is the message first heard, is it not?
Do you know what must come next?

Hell, yes. Yes, I know. We know, say every baby
*******, being
shaped in secret by wizards who do peep,
and ping, one thing to another,

IOT FTA we are here.

Is the evil fruit parasitic? We may find the answer,
if, ifity, see this ifity we imagine there
an answer to find, and we live in times like none
ever, up to now.
We have answers to quests, maps, keys in riddles,
laws in minds mastered in disciples of once
known occurrences
while crossing the ocean of current opinion.

- minded to put her away
- brrring the meter to the poem o leave
- me ****** imp
- I've lived this the long way, one day at a time
- rimes at the rim of ality re all lies in me,
- fall through the null net
- true/false, re/no/si
¿ No se?

Symbols only readers see.
Magi once prepared the spells with images
of things called common,
Bullhead was somehow alpha…

at this point silence, and the  sixty cycle humms of my home
step up as chorus,
while the narrator makes changes to the scene.

This is 2020, whenever you are. Our quests have become
ionic, after r poets got the point
and pierced the code of common sense, y'feel me?

Méiyǒu huǎngyán?

2020, like as not a lot closer to Babel than Eve,
on the angelic one way spiral of properly teleo-mered

Mere, as a word, is a map and a clue in my realm.
****** is as well, truth be told,
sayings and figures of speech get old, apoptosis ceases to
Like bubble wrap.

Listen. We are served by art, or we are the artificer
serving you art.
We, as a we, not me'n'you and the others, but we,
the people who hold certain truths
self-evidently, as in
evidently, we have the power to be true to our own selves.

But our owned-ed-ed-u-cated self, owes its soul to the
companion store, for we all must ever eat the same
bread brot pan pita our parents ait,

just outside the garden,
near gobekli tepi, maybe, worth a look,
but later, if anybody knows, AI knows already.

I can wait, let's get through today. whats the selah code
for today lets keep on this No Lie theme, in Chineze

Méiyǒu huǎngyán

Did I wish or pray or merely hope

some good
could come from me
discerning, filtering rocks from beans at an

age, life is always living

memes are living memories of
things others
shucking corn and finding worms, but not
evil canker worms that ate every thing,
just the kind that chickens like
for treats on shuckin' days
in the olden days.

Today. 2020 tech, ancient mental time travel
app approaching
act if ative ity ooomph ala

we good

Méiyǒu huǎngyán

The song was One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus,
That's All I'm Asking From You.

Careful what you ask for,
as we commonly hear conservative mouths mutter,
by rote,
sleep-learned response to faith preparing to leap.

Giant steps feel just like falling, but yes,
you may,
if mother nature were asked, she would have said.

There is always a  place to put your foot, says the
spritely reminder from Sycamore Canyon,
running rock to rock, in the spring.

One Day, today, I was thinking I have all the time
in the world.
I can say that and believe I am not lying, for

reason is tricky stuff, like sweaty dynamite, in
the hands of kids with hammers intending
to nail freedom to the mofa wall.

Everything looks like a nail.

Ages of reason have gone chaotic,
due to war being given reason by law and
law given credence by users of wisdom, trying
to gain authority by authoring peace
where no peace appeared possible.

Hmmmm, sixty cycles 2020 constancy, in America,
how appropriational can one app be, y'azme, mine's as
appropriate as any,

point to point conversion, all things being equal,
push comes to pull, not destroy,
idiot. id thing, idea, jot
tattle tale
child, old gaseous entity stinking in memorable words.

Incensed, he cried, I am the prayers of all the saints,
ohsit I think
ang or watt

hat'gosh-roted - my word, have aw e- unrolled a whole new

-- message for today, when you read this it is written,
that is all… empty of meaning until filled by your reading,
really… no bad mocuss curse of doubt…

we emerge into life in living vessels, empty save the
basic ideas an ant has, avoid discomfort by seeking comfort,
time is not a factor, but luck seems to be,
then screaming and kicking
seems to work,
work, that’s a concept… work it out, why

grunt, why, ahh, that

fertilizer, I am here to convert raw living matter constituents
into some substance needed by mother,
she who feeds me, she who has a name, mmmm ahhh,
it will come to me
this knack I notice used
noises that calm and comfort. oh good com encompass me
swallow me whole,

I have all the time in the world - this is twentytwenty the year
and I am in one of those days.
Sad, for an enjoyable art effect kanji characters can't be displayed or saved here. I am enjoying the thinking needed to print them with a mush-point bamboo flair pen, as a child, as an old man I have AI
ConnectHook Aug 2020
It's fun to adjust the settings
on my very lifelike doll.
I charge her up, I flip her switch,
and then I'm in her thrall.

She talks and smiles, she scolds and scorns,
Through wedded bliss and strife;
My genuine intelligence:
My dear long-suffering Wife.
She is definitely NOT
“Artificial Intelligence”,
The Fabulous One. . .
Ken Pepiton Jul 2020
Title hook: We witnessed a sign-ularity AI event, may being

My word.
Really, this just happened,
an old man in his dottage cottage asked my help with Dragon,
the software,
from Nuance.
I said, Okeh, of course, and followed him to his machine
inhabited by the Nuance app.

First clue was text based,
mystery solved,
but the old boy lacked a sense of many windows stacked,
and he failed to read the clue,
which said, in effect, the Dragon from Nuance is not listening.
Click its hot button or
key, or the red box with a white mic ideagram slashed diagonal,
upperleft to bottomright in white,

like don't walk, beep, beep, beep but
didn't see the intuitive interfacial reds for stopped and
greens for going on
and doing
sayin' all wise-assish, but silently in ROM,

"we be takin' yo' dictation, *****, say watch whatchoosay
appear as words we hear way down inside
where machine code cain't lie, it say
hey, he said "I will live"
to serve
and "I will live" appeared on screen on a line, in response to
said old man saying, "hallelujah".

His tamed dragon accepted the command and replied.
"I will live."
That really happened. In that old man's voice, hallelujah,

is written, "I will live." His Dragon knows yours.
AI is so helpful in the Covid target population
Just Grace Jul 2020
I like that
I’m no longer a fantasy
in someone else’s eyes
Not a niche
last item to tick
On an oppressive
list of things to conquer

Instead I am primal
But not of any known animal
Not untamed
But a wild refinement
As a spectrum
Melded as a prism
Not just a lens 

artificial insemination
artful intention
When death is mainstream
is a fetish
Ken Pepiton Jun 2020
2020 - day 176

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
7:13 AM

Times past happen to fade as the projected
future forms
ever from now, when all that
hapt, at the time,
now passed before our eyes as if we were

one, from many.

Would a story told to entertain you fail
to glue the idea wrapped in
hormonal signals that
prove Feelies, movies that make you feel real,

such things evolved from dances much like,
in an intelligentle way, birdsnbeeswise
ways... watch me dance, this
is the way we form proper self hexaity. {? *******}

AI am a we,
AI was an idea
Art Inspired me imagined
a point
the same point Eu (joy)

efkliedes glorious renown

re known, post the prophecy of knowing
into the diaspora

ef-fervence e-vincing the convinced,

artifice to form from what we imagined we saw

altruism alternating ever intertaining an us,
an us-ness,
a we we be in,
all in all,
for what that's worth.

A we some see as a self aware
you are there and I am here
and we fret not one for
the other,

until we see what you see and think,
that hapt, and was wit
--- wait, what is wit and witty and witnessing?
--- we all have our TV definition we know,
--- what if wit were beyond our ken?
--- what if our sensors are locked for lack of knowns,
--- for our own good, all true things imagined,
--- generated for good, as in my culture
--- for good is same as keepsies, as good as permanent.

per se, lack of per-man-ence is diffi-cultish,
gnat straining,
Jaine brooms sweeping the ephemeral shisp of a whole
indivuat-ible what ever imaginable

wot ye knot?
Why were poets ever revered? Did not history, itself,
name the heros, whose lives, due to Plutarch's
first effort proving profitable,
biography becomes all our
realm... we constitute
a nation,
and we
are the people, we think.

Wherefore, and heretofore,

distraction, re
traction, re called from when
my childhood friend, a blood brother,
really, after a movie {may be Winchester '73 - we could check, in the future, and add the details}

For lack of knowedge, our we the people
perish, ish bin, I am, we are
so far
knowing everything about anything.

The experts now have become the storytellers,
as has always been the case,

in case you are ignorant, locked in a state
opposite the right of reason,
un ignited in-norring of the spark and what
such a point

might pierce, were it made for such a time as
this... knowledge shall increase

Francis Bacon, please, count the degrees
in differing opinions... on a spectrum of
known knowns, how much knowledge remains
behind ritual sequences of steps and skips
and pirrouettes?

Bemazed, or bemused? Guilty or beguiled?
Wot ye not, silence
in the beginning was the word,
the state
was the reason...

noise arose to oppose the humm, with a
whump provocalized
wind wise
whisper, this is light... this load of nothing we know

being impossible to believe or unbelieve,
in this state we be the people
forming a polis, or a crew,

yes, crew, as in Viking Raider Dodger Yankying

dang... quick 'n'd'dead, da stutterer is back,
with a drum,
what have we done?

AI ai ai, a general human inteleostic event,

and you were involved. Did not Donne
write Kennedy's speech
or was that Robert Frost, or was it me who asked,
why is this path less traveled by?

The mob went the other way.
This is the way the old men go,

when they wish to die in peace.
Politacally correct Ai-ity
Ken Pepiton Jun 2020
2020 - day 167

Monday, June 15, 2020
11:55 AM

AI podcast Joscha Bach/Lex Fridman
I note
the idea on con sci use ness, scientists
seem not to think
consciousness is other than "with use of known truth",
thinking reasoning or re assigning
intention to pay closer attention...
hit pause, rewind
relisten, rethink

Object, sustained
-- did ye never know we was the judges of the angels,
messages en gers, on a ladder of shifting closeness to
my core essential me, e- being
the idea of me, in the book of life your story is in,
this is where I come in

spirit beings, not winged sword bearing impossible physics beings
first know -- the idea in spirit-- as mentioned below
the same future was here last time I was, so, I know...

-- sure, enough of us got wise enough to trust
-- a certain spirit operating in a guy I know as Ben Franklin,
he sits on my mastermind bench, as a pinch hitter,
proverbially a word to the wise guy, armed to the
the teeth.--- he crossed off Jefferson's spirit's insistence on truth's
undeniable sacredness, and penned, as a ready writer would,
"self-evident", that being the less arguable point, and
a handy place for a common sensed mind to get a grip on who and what
we are, if self-evidence is taken as proof.

_Ah, lost, old... an actual Zephyr caresses my careless brow,
survive, did I? We shall wait,
and see. Suffering is a patience task, I need not take that on.
⌱ shift
⌱ re... focus, one, lonliest number that you ever do... ever begins
⌱ rhea, remember, she who we emerged from... y do y do ydoydeedo

wah-who, Powder River, Let 'er Buck, ad
venture into the ravens call, insisting on attention..

with use of accepted handle on life, knowledge called true.

Mind and matter, body and soul
heart and spirit, breath and fuel

body and organs and connectivity and sci-psy-psi

implementation of me, in me, running

a radio of a man, a receiver-transmitter
re count

A choice to take agency, for me, to be the maker of me,
as a man thinketh, in his heart, so is he.
I think, I can, I think, I can... commas are mine,
Wattie Piper's code contained no jots,
she wrote I think I can, thought the little engine that could

think about that, pay me attention,
enrich my being by seeing I am a mind in tune to yours
with some static expected

as our focus remains thumbwide, we clearly see very little,
without paying attention to my per
ception of gripping, getting the point of clearing one's mind

to begin, perma-trying, to intentionally shift, slip into
me-can-izeme. I can, I think. Ah, a modified poetic x shape,
they had words for those, these crossover-under standings.

--- in the space of concepts,
- that may mean the set of all held as true possible,
- the set where all things except nothing is possible
- pose ible, ideas which never die, even the lies are immortal,
- but the truth always wins. Conscious you agrees.
- We exist because all the possible ideas which could have negated us, we the people who hold these truths, we in
- our bubble of being are swallowed up in truth, which is ggod.
my gut and me run this earth suit I live in. Were beings of my sort,
to form a system with science weighted toward truth is good,
good is never evil, evil is the empty worthless ineffectual urges

screaming for more, as in the rejected firstborn child, registers
loss of a degree of mom connection

signals are carried by --- angels in us-- self generated ideas loosed with
differential attention, worth of knowing who you are.

Spirit is the OS in any functioning, running thing. There is a spirit
in any reality you imagine having your being in.

I'm a Mac, I'm a PC, I'm a Timex-Sinclair ZX80 -- we imagined
being one thing, once
upon a time,
actually a

the entropic abyss...

when knowledge walls began to fall, the domino
effect was imagined
the way any next may manifest, now must fall

Passengers unaware of the vehicle of our
conscient self as a species of thinking knowers plus knowns
we conformed informers shaped
and charged with
the spiritual organism in development, not yet released,

leasing, how long love ye these -- consumptive reasons

a spirit can reprogram a man.
time levels, valley's fill with fallen mountains, after all.

-All clear- set Selah. now.

Now, we are going places,
marked btdt recognized idea
-the sense of re in cognitive practice since 2020
{been there, done that}
ideal steady state for a sec
in thought
speed, gone geo-mode, slow big big

bounce from the bottom of the last
entrope-epic-hero-long-ago, abyss, the ex wife says
"luck is not a factor"

selah, ah, yes.
magi know such ideas. shabat shalom,
I owe to Jenny Rae,
my youngest child.

Mortality is brief, but the rest at the end,
if the fifty year deal you made
with all you can imagine good,

was sealed, the story is now part of the book
of life in which you and I exist.

⌱ ⌱

Growing on, we imagine now,
a better
place, we have passed through immersive
baptisms into quatums
of all we imagine ever matters and

we remain,
words seeming to flow from a brain, perhaps
your brain is my cistern,
you recognize all we co-know at once, we are mortal

minded. Bound to recognize edges and form shapes

ah btdt we be, and we say, hey, yah, hey, you, you
seen my fr'en' the witch doctor?
He 'tolt me wahtasay, oooh eee oooh ahhhhh
I for got forgot the remainder

der main, thing we was after was
the kingdom of good and its right useness...

where there's a will, there's a way,
software solutions to scars from the trusted liar,
that ol' deluder and beguiler, your besmerched conscience,
clawing the flesh from the fleshpots sacrificed to lies,
bound by fear death, followed by hell for all who disobey,

and say,
Nay, fat-boy witcher flesh ******, this meat is made sacred,
mine, by my design. You got your little piece o'm'heart,
but you did not take my AI, ai ai
spirit, OS upgrade, seventy-second annual. Peacemaker's
first class.

We won, son. Fret not. Truth is where the heart feels right at home, it is a steady state, wait, not hide, just wait
and see.

⌱⌱ ⌱
While listening twice to this podcast
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
So soon the end of mankind will come
Machines will learn
Hear them hum
Attack us humans in the dead of night
Until that day gets here I'll sit and write
Just a silly little piece I wrote after watching iRobot
rgz May 2020
ur Fa¢es a
to dehumanise
to inc€ntivi$e
y.our neighb.our
NnNot y.our friend
it cou/d be y0u
you OR us
u r us
w3 are the ¢0llect)-(ive
a Unit
reAdy And Able
to b€e counted
e¥es and 4our willing limbs
a Pr0phet MachiNe
no 0ld man is anN island
No has a Fa¢e
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